Teach English in Xiangyang Zhen - Hengyang Shi

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In the classroom, a teacher's energy, dedication, confidence, and eagerness are often contagious. If a teacher is enthusiastic and energetic, their students will be as well. Be Confident - Confidence is something that cannot be faked, but it is something that can be built. Building confidence is another component of a Teachers duties. It can make all the difference in the world in how effective a teacher is. There is no perfect formula because every person has their own unique level of natural confidence. Some teachers do not require their confidence to be boosted at all while others require lots of extra attention in this area. Students will often reflect the behaviors modeled to them. In other words, they'll become like you.So how you present yourself matters.As teachers, we're often so focused on meeting our students' needs, we neglect to take care of ourselves. Be sure to have your lesson plans laid out before you enter the classroom. Having your ducks in line gives you peace of mind and enables you to be confident as you present your lessons.Don't fear criticism, use it. If you've been given some feedback that you deem to be negative, then use it as a tool to change. By acting on criticism instead of wallowing in it, you can turn a negative into a positive, helping you to not only build confidence but also really improve your practice.Your classroom, your rules. Your lesson begins the moment your students set eyes on you. So if they're waiting outside your classroom, start the lesson then. Calmly and confidently demand the behaviour you expect from them before they come in, greet them at the door and set expectations straight away.Give time- Most teacher preparation programs do not prepare a teacher for life in a real classroom. This is where the lack of self-confidence often begins. Most teachers come in excited and fully confident only to realize that the real world is much tougher than the picture they had painted in their mind. This forces them to adjust on the fly, which can be overwhelming, and where confidence is often lost. Slowly over the course of time with assistance such as the suggestions above, most teachers will regain their confidence and begin to make the climb towards maximizing their overall effectiveness.Celebrate Your Students’ Achievements-Naturally, it doesn’t make sense to have a party every time your students learn something new, but why not have a special celebration every now and then? End the course with a special event and go through everything they’ve learned. Remember when they couldn’t ask a simple question correctly? Now they can ask plenty! Thanksgiving is the perfect holiday to celebrate this.Look for Evidence that You’re Awesome!Nothing is more rewarding than when a student tells us we are good teachers. Do you have a box with the little cards your young learners made for you? Or birthdays cards? An email from a happy student? How about prizes or awards? Your TEFL certification? Look back at the achievements that made you proud. No matter how small they may seem, they made you the teacher you are today.