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Motivation plays one of the most important roles in a teacher’s pedagogy and students process of learning. In the classroom both sides have to be motivated, students and teachers likewise. It will make work productive and resultative. So, before we get into the detail about how to keep motivated atmosphere in your classroom, let’s figure out what is it ‘motivation’, what types of motivation exist and what can help us to be motivated and motivate others. Motivation it is the process of awaking oneself and others their activity in order to achieve a specific goal, or we could also say it’s a general desire or willingness of someone to do something. We also know that there is a positive motivation, which defines as a system that values and recognized by the personality, which is also excepted as their own principals, beliefs that helps to ‘wake up’ future activity. Lewis Allen said: “Motivation is the work a manager performs to inspired, encourage, and impel people to take required action.” So how could we actually develop motivational atmosphere in the classroom as a teacher? Through the facilitation of supportive classroom environment, engaging learning experiences, goals settings and teacher’s enthusiasm, teachers can really empower students to find joy and excitement in their learning. Teachers can empower and move their students through providing a supportive, learning environment, where learning is achievable and supported by both teachers and students. There lot of pedagogical methods that can increase motivation and stimulate students’ activity, and desire to reach their goals. To do that use the variety of student-active teaching activities. As an example, I would like to mention project methodology, which one of the best ways to stimulate students’ motivation in a classroom. Project methodology stimulates the creative imagination of students, the creative perception of the subject that they are studying, developing and supporting interest in learning, in research, in generating new ideas and helps them to create their own vision. Therefore, the project methodology is one of the best technics to generate positive motivation in the classroom, which is the main goal that we have to reach as a teacher. Another great way to motivate your class is becoming a role model for their interest, where you have to display your own enthusiasm and motivation, as your passion will definitely motivate your students. Set realistic goals and help students to achieve them. Also, be free with praise and very constructive in criticism, as we know that negative comments have to help student to pertain to particular performance, not performer. So, in conclusion I would like to say that motivation is one of the fundamental and current problems nowadays of psychology and pedagogy. It’s a leading factor in regulating an individual’s activity and behavior and we should remember that teachers’ activity is leading in developing that positive motivation that we are trying to reach, as motivated students in your classroom open up a world of possibilities. It’s a fundamental element in students’ learning, which we, as teachers, have to develop, support and make it happened.