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Ever have someone try to establish rapport with you? When we think about it carefully, the answer is affirmative. You need to build rapport with people to make friends. To do business with establishing rapport, as well as sales. Establishing rapport makes things much easier than you don’t. Imagine meeting someone for the first time and you are not interested in him. What is your next move?Obviously you will end the conversation with him. Let us focus on the importance of building rapport in class. In my point of view, the good relationship between the learners and the teachers is vital to the success of teaching. If you want to make the class interesting, enjoyable and effectively helpful to the variety of student, you should establishing rapport with the student from the very beginning. Initial connection is more crucial to the entire teaching process. Although building rapport seems like a nice thing to do, I think it is very difficult to do it naturally. It will always make you look like a phony if you are not good at it or do it in an inappropriate way. Therefore, teachers need to think about how and when to build up a good connection with the students after careful consideration. Further more, I learned from the video lesson of TEFL lesson that teachers should always bear in mind that to build rapport while at the first beginning of the teaching process. You should smile all the time even if the students are late. It will help students not getting nervous to take part in the lesson when you want to elicit them as much as possible. Also building a good relationship can inspire the students and setting a relaxed atmosphere. The students willing to share information with the teachers and students while the atmosphere is relaxing, then it can reduce teacher talk time, increase students talk time dramatically, the students get more exposure to English and opportunity to practice. As well as reducing the discipline problems in class, maintaining the class discipline. Thus, the learners can apply the language as much as they can to make the learning more effectively and interesting. Nevertheless, just as every coin has two sides, cars have both advantages and disadvantages. Some people think that establishing rapport is not so important. What they should do is just to be a good teacher with amusing personality, using a lot of skills to managing the class i.e. eye contact, gesture, variety range voice and group the students. To focus on the ESA methodology also can make the course effective. There are a lot of method to inspire the student to take part in the class and managing the class. Teachers have these teaching skills don't think it is necessary to build good relationships with the students. They ignore that positive attitude and initial connection is very important especially when you meet the students for the first time, it can cost you a lot of energy on remedying this problem. However, as everyone knows, people tend to communicate with the people who is interesting and familiar with. That is we called “ice breaking” which is very important step of the initial connection. If you failed at the ice-breaking part, no matter what you do next will let your mountain in labour bring forth a mouse. The teaching skills and methodology will not make up for the ice breaking failure. If the students are not interested in your lesson, what consequence will be. The key point of establishing rapport of my opinion is not about should or should not to build a good relationship with the students in class,it is about the outcome. The better relationship you build,the more willing the students participate in class, the more active the more the classroom atmosphere is and the more effective the learning will be. Both the teachers and the students will get what they want, which is the most effective and engaging learning experience. Last but not least, successful ice breaking and initial connection could make the class much more effective and the teaching process smoothly. In conclusion, my point of view is that establishing rapport is very important for teaching, as well as business, make friends, consulting, or anything you need to meet and get along with.