Teach English in Hewang - Huai'an Shi

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How can English influence a student's future career? English is the most widely spoken language in the world. Chances are, even if you live in a non-English speaking country that you will run into someone that speaks it or see something written in it (60% of all internet content is written in English). Furthermore, if you travel to any other country around the world chances are you’ll be able to use English to communicate with them even if they are not a native, as English has became the lingua franca of the globe. Why should people learn it, how can it affect their future? Well, let’s say you want to be a photographer and someone from a different country messages you to do a shoot for a famous magazine, or you want to go to the best medical school in the world, or just simply have an urge to travel. What would be the first step? Learning English. Knowing English gives you more opportunities and is often a basic requirement for some jobs, and therefore it has a huge influence on one’s future. It’s a big requirement for employers and recruiters. English has became the dominant language of Business throughout the globe. As the world becomes more interconnected and with the rise of multi-national corporations and trade, employees being able to communicate with different stakeholders, colleagues in other countries and international customers is crucial. It opens so many doors that for example people who speak only Polish wouldn’t have. Additionally, in education is has its’ benefits, it gives you access to some of the world’s best Universities along with the journals and papers they publish. Aspiring high as all students should, the renowned universities: Yale, Cambridge, Harvard and Oxford are all based in English speaking countries. However, English is spoken in thousands of conferences, schools, universities and classrooms around the globe, the big to the small, the native English countries to non-native. When travelling, you’ll most probably need to use some English, if you don’t you might miss out on meeting different people, experiencing the culture and just simply being unable to ask for your essential morning coffee (assuming you don’t know the countries native language). When at university you’ll have an opportunity to go on a year abroad, think about how much easier that alone would be just with the knowledge of this universal language. Maybe your countries political situation gets worse, who knows, having the opportunity to have a desired skill and no language barrier will help free up your future choices. Finally, it opens the doors to another world of popular culture from: authors, musicians, comedians and movies just to name a few mediums of art. For instance, some of the world’s greatest literature authors wrote in English: Charles Dickens's descriptions of poverty in Victorian England, George Orwell’s criticism on totalitarianism, John Steinbeck's exploration of the great depression or lastly insights from Jane Austen’s critiques on the patriarchal lands of British gentry to name just a few great authors and their discourses; being able to read these enriched perspectives with the plethora of words the English language has at its disposal helps open the mind’s eye. Alternatively, if you just want to know the lyrics to that Justin Bieber song, English acts as the vehicle to find out. Thus, for a future student starting out on journey away from state education into the working word. Which may take them down an inexplicable number of paths in their life and career, learning English can be found to be advantageous in consuming media, using the internet, seeking employment, working and studying abroad or traveling. They can utilise their new found skill of the English language to thrive.