Teach English in Huaihe Zhen - Huai'an Shi

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HOW TO IMPROVE TEACHING IN THE CLASSROOM. As a teacher, at one time you will find yourself having a new class to teach therefore I would like to have a write up that moves from day one of such a new environment. On the first day whether the class you are going to teach is a new group of learners or an existing one, it’s important that the lesson be used purely to familiarize yourself with the learners as the learners also get a chance to interact among themselves. This goes a long way to build a good rapport for successful learning in future. The teacher should use this opportunity to make simple basic rules together with the learners. Learning should be learner’s centered as much as possible. This can be created by the teacher encouraging class participation throughout the lesson. The teacher should reduce his/her talk time and only uses it when giving clear instructions and when eliciting answers. The teacher should be able to understand his/her learners well as this will be vital in ensuring that various individuals’ needs are met. Those learners who complete their tasks very fast should be given some interesting tasks to keep them busy as the teacher continues to monitor the rest and giving assistance whenever necessary. Teaching English as a second language requires a teacher to be very patient with learners since it is a process that cannot take place over night. During the introduction of a lesson where the learners are being brought to the reality if speaking in English, the teacher should avoid over correcting of grammatical errors s this may make some to withdraw from participating. During the Study phase of a lesson, the teacher is supposed to give instructions as clear as possible and accompany it with relevant visual aids. The teacher should also dramatize as he/she uses relevant gestures. These accompaniments are known to be interesting and keep the learners attentive. The learners should also be encouraged to at all time communicate in English and the teacher should avoid speaking to learners in their first language even if he/she is conversant with the language. In case there is any difficulty by a student to perform certain task(s), the teacher should not provide direct answers to the learners but it’s encouraged that he/she probe the student towards getting the correct answer as this will make the learners to develop by solving problems by themselves. The teacher should also ensure that the classroom is richly decorated with learning materials such as charts. Learners should also be encouraged to work either in pairs or groups during relevant activities. This is also another way to increase talk time among the learners. Feedback is another component that the teacher must ensure that is done appropriately as this is the stage where the teacher gets to emphasize on the points that he/she feels some learners did not capture adequately. Testing is another part that the teacher uses to improve teaching. This can be done frequently after a given topic has been completed. The test should be within what has been covered so that the teacher can know whether the objective(s) were achieved or not but necessarily for competition among the learners. Lastly, the teacher should ensure that he/she prepares all the professional records in good time and update the records such as individual’s records.