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Education is the process of giving or receiving knowledge, skills and ideas. In the case of the child we can say education is the process of receiving knowledge, skills and ideas. From view point of the school or educational institution, education would be the process of facilitating the acquisition of knowledge, skills and ideas. On the basis of this definition, one could be right to say that education of a child begins as soon as he or she is born, that is, long before they ever start school. In this case we can say that the child’s first teacher is the home and basically the parents. The role of the parent in education is not limited to the home but extended in school activities too. Here are some of the role parents play in the education of children. First, parents play the role of a role model. It is often said that charity begins at home. Children learn more by what they hear and see their parents doing. In this light parents are called upon to be a good example for their children by always doing the right thing. Being the child’s first teacher if they show bad example no matter how hard the school tries they will hardly effect any meaningful change in the life of the child. Secondly, Parents play the role of a disciplinarian to children. Correct bad behavior from the very beginning before it goes out of hand. Some parents go to the extent of using punishment as a form of discipline for bad behavior both at home and out of the home. This goes a long way to make the student conscious of their behavior both in and out of home. A conscious child makes a good learner. Also, parents play the role of a general overseer. In this role parents are called upon to oversee all that is happening in the life of the child be it at home or in school. Giving timely pieces of advice and correcting any abnormal behavior right from the childhood days and throughout the child’s life will go a long way to inspire them to be good students and responsible citizens in future. Helping them to be more organized with their daily routine and find enough time for the lessons is also the role of the parents as general overseer. That way learning becomes much easier for the child. Parents can also play the role of the child’s helper where they assist the student with homework and assignments. Helping them in doing the assignments together or going through assignments to make sure they are correctly done. Parents can even go as far as helping children do some house chores so they have enough time for their studies. This way learning becomes less of a burden to the child. Parents are a source of inspirations to children. Here they inspire the children by rewarding them for work well done. Rewarding them for all efforts made towards success, motivate them to do better each time. If they are already good then this makes them to become the best they can be. Rewarding them for work well done inspires them to work harder next time. The best inspiration a child can ever have is that which comes from someone they look up to. Sharing personal life experiences with them can also be very inspiring. Parents can also be the child’s companion. Being with them and making them know that they are with them at all times and in all situations in life is very important. This boast their confidence, with this confidence they can overcome any obstacle on life. Attending parent’s day, parents meetings at school and going with them on school trips is also very important. Accompanying them through their hard times can also be very important. These are only a few of the role of parents in education. In all parents' inevitable role in education can not be over emphasized as they are the pillar of education. Without parents support the school will face a lot of difficulties educating the child.