Teach English in Huidun - Huai'an Shi

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The teacher plays an extremely important role in the life of a student. There’s way more than simply teaching, such as mentoring and modeling. The teacher will be the one teaches the knowledge, motivate students, and to effectively manage the student’s behavior in the classroom. One of the main roles of the teacher is teaching knowledge to their students. The teacher will be given teaching materials; they will have to know to effectively organize the material to deliver it to the students. There are many ways that they can deliver these materials, whether that be reading or activities. It depends on the type of material and what the best way is to make sure students’ can fully grasp the information. For example, if the teaching material is action-focused, it’s best if the teacher allows the students do the action themselves to help them learn. Teachers as times should be a motivator to students whether that be young or adult learners. All students want to be heard and praised when necessary. Motivating students correctly help the students to increase their desire for learning, they will be more willing to cooperate with the teacher and boost their confidence level in the classroom. Proper motivation methods such as praising them in different ways, have clear expectations and communicate those expectations and give then some control if appropriate. When the teacher praises the students individually, the students are more likely to improve. This is a way of recognizing good work, also sets an example for the rest of the classroom. Having clear expectations is also another way to motivate students. They have a goal to work towards after they have completed the goal, they will have a sense of accomplishment. Next time, they are more likely to achieve more and work harder. Another way is to lets the students take control at times. Allowing students to take ownership of a task will help them to be responsible. Motivating students is a very important role of the teacher, it helps to promote a positive environment. Another role of the teacher is to manage and take control of the classroom. The role is very necessary to maintain order, but it should not be used often. If the teacher plays this role the majority of the time, it will give the students a sense of fear and insecurity. It makes the teacher seems unapproachable and intimidating, therefore, it will create a gap between the student-teacher relationship. That is one aspect of controlling the classroom. Another important aspect of classroom management regarding how to deal with misbehavior and such. It is very easy for a teacher to lose temper if the students keep disobeying one time after another. The teachers have to learn how they can manage and take control of those situations. Some of the actions that a teacher can take are to communicate the rules to the student, be consistent and enforce the rules, be positive about disciplining the students, minimize the teacher talk time. Keep the students engaged and busy will reduce the chance of them getting bored, therefore, the students are more likely to not cause any disruption during class. The different roles of the teacher play a big part in the student’s behavior in the classroom. The teacher will have to be able to identify which role to play for that specific time or situation to be an effective teacher.