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LESSON PLAN Date: 10/2/2020 Topic: Animals Time: 55 minutes 5 years old - Beginners Numbers of students: 15 I. Objectives: By the end of the lesson, students will be able to: - Say hello to their friends - Get to know some new words: lion, tiger, giraffe, elephant - Remember new words. - Answer the question: What can you see? - Review: monkey, bird II. Key Language - New words: lion, tiger, giraffe, elephant - Structure: I see (a lion). III. Materials: Flashcards, magnets, speaker, dice. IV. Procedure: 1. Warm up (5 minutes) Aim: To help the students relax and have fun: Teacher says Hello to students and asks: “How are you?” Teacher asks students to stand up, make a line, walk, stomp, hop, run, jump and then dance with the song: “Walking in the jungle”. 2. Engage (2-3 minutes) Aim: To introduce the topic - Animals Teacher shows the picture of the jungle and asks: “What can you see in the picture?” (Students may answer in English or in Vietnamese, teacher can repeat or give them the right word/English word). Teacher introduces the topic. 3. Study 1 (10 minutes) Aim: To teach new words: Teacher shows flashcards and asks: “What animal is this?” (Students may answer in their mother tongue language) Teacher answers: “This is a lion”. (repeat 3 -5 times) Teacher asks individually and encourages students to say in English. Teachers gives a high-five to students after all answers. Teacher asks the whole class to repeat. Do the same with 3 words: tiger, giraffe and elephant. Teacher asks students to repeat 4 new words. 4. Activate 1 (10 minutes) Aim: To help students to remember 4 new words: - Game 1 (5 minutes): Run and flap (Teacher say the new word, students run to the board and flap the picture and say the word loudly. Student who flaps the right picture will be rewarded with one sticker). - Game 2 (5 minutes): What is missing? (Teacher asks students to close their eyes. Teacher hides one picture and students have to guess what was hidden). 5. Study 2 (10 minutes) Aim: To teach new structure: Teacher asks students to make a circle. Teacher shows the flashcards again and asks: “What can you see?”, then, encourage the students to say: “I see...” Teacher writes the answers on the board in different colors, reads loudly and asks students to repeat few times in different and fun ways. 6. Activate 2 (5 minutes) Aim: To help students remember the structure: Game (5 minutes): Roll the dice. Teacher prepares a dice with animals images (lion, tiger, giraffe, elephant, monkey, bird), each student have chances to roll the dice and use the structure "I see ..." when the dice stops. Student can say the whole sentence with the right animal will receive 2 stamps. 7. Activate final (10 minutes) Aim: To review the lesson: Teacher shows a picture of the jungle again and models a presentation. Then, teacher asks students to come and introduce about the animals they know. For example: This is the jungle. In the jungle, I see a lion. I see an elephant. I see a bird.