Teach English in Jiqiao Zhen - Huai'an Shi

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My peak interest in teaching is directly held to children. I believe that children aren't necessarily easier, but more fun to work with. Their genuine curiosity, to the pure naivete that they possess, is adorable. With that being said, in my opinion, they can be slightly more malleable in regards to teaching new things. And I believe that the same can be said towards learning another language. From the perspective that many of them haven't quite mastered their mother tongue, they can begin their knowledge for English. I believe that starting a learner off with another language at a young age is a great way to kick start their intellectual career. There are many ways that a student's understanding of the English language can blossom. From greeting the students at the start of the class with a simple hello or good morning, or by asking them what their favorite color is, then teaching them the basics, such as what the primary colors are called, how to spell them, etc. Building the routine of greeting them in the morning is a great way to associate that at the beginning of the day is the morning time. Reading short stories is another positive way of teaching children basic English. Fairy tales and poems alike are great ways to grab the student's attention and interest. As long as the students are interested, or find the subject/lesson interesting, then they are bound to soak in most or some knowledge that you, the teacher, are providing them. Also, it is important to make sure that there is little to no quiet time in the classroom, because when there is quiet time, then nothing is being learned or taught. You want to be as engaging as possible, but you do not want to exhaust them, either. An exhausted mind is fated to not retain anything it is being fed. So breaks are heavily recommended when it comes to this. It is common knowledge that kids are practically energizer batteries. They are reasonably energetic little rascals and, with this, you must adapt to their playfulness. Playing with the children is, and can be, extremely helpful when it comes to learning. It is a captivating measure when it comes to learning at a young age. The children love it! It is also important to mention that it is a great way to bond with the students. As you play with them, they open up and build trust with you, which is very important in a healthy teaching relationship with young learners. Another great method of expanding English in young learners' minds is by taking them outside and exploring the world around them, in the form of field trips. Teaching them what the English equivalent words are for bus, school, park, etc. It can also be a way to elicit questions from them. Field trips can be a vital sense of teaching and learning for both the teacher and students. It is a fun, provocative and exceptionally illuminating way of providing knowledge to the students.