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Games in a class room with young or adult learners can be effective as it give a fun and interactive way to learn English. There are many games that can be taught within a class room, some of these include, Hangman, Memory cards game, dice games and more. Although originally the basics of hangman and memory card games are effective to teach young / adult learners, Dice games have give the learners more interactive skills with the teacher and others within the classroom. One of the main games in teaching English to young or adult learners is hangman. Hangman is interactive and entertaining for learners as it not only teaches the English alphabet to form words but it also brings in competitive and fun behavior between other learners. Hangman is a game that can be played with two or more players. It can be either written on a white/black board or can be played by using a piece of paper and a pen/pencil. Hangman can be customized to be easier or harder depending on the level of vocabulary that the students have. Once one of the learners has picked a word, without saying it out loud. They would start by drawing dashes with equal spacing between up on either the board or piece of paper. What this game also includes is the "Hangman" that is will start to be drawn when a member of the class gets a letter wrong. It will start being drawn with a upside down "L" this will be the post for the man to hang on. Once you get another letter wrong it will progress to head, body, legs, arms and face. If you have completed the man before you have filled out the word chosen correctly you lose. This game in a class room can be effective as it allows everyone to get involved in a class room activity. This also will allow students to practice the vocabulary that they have been taught in previous lessons. Although this game can become time consuming it can also be a great intensive for the learners to practice more. This will allow the learners to become more interactive with learning new vocabulary of one another. Memory card games can be effective in a class room because it allows the learners to really focus on what has been taught in past lessons. weather it be vocabulary, past, future, present tenses or anything else taught within the classroom. Memory games can be flash cards or cards made up from different classes. This game allows students to remember what they have learnt and match them up either on the board as a whole class activity or in pairs on tables. With memory games you can add rewards if they match one into a pair, this should improve the interactive stage within the classroom. Example: if a young learner matches a correct pair on the board they get a ball. This form of game can be both useful to the teacher and the learners as it provides a good indication where the students are at with their learning and it allows the students to grow knowledge and really think about what they are learning. This can be effective for both teachers and learners. When using dice games in a class room either with young or adult learners it can become interactive and an effective way to learn what is being taught in class room. When using dice games the whole class can become involved as you can get many different forms of dice. When teaching board work for example using an over head projector to show a course book for the whole class to see, You pick one person to roll the dice. What ever number it lands on say "6" you can allocate the sixth sentence for that person to read out loud, once that person has read out the sixth sentence she/he can pass the dice to their left and so on. This can cause problems withing the class room if students are not confident enough to read aloud alone. This is where you as a teacher can provide help to prompt more of a response. Dice games can vary this is why they can be effectively used within a classroom setting. In conclusion, an effective use of games in a classroom can provide a more interactive learning environment when teaching English. Although most learners could be shy games can effectively make them build more confidence and have more fun learning the English language. Games within a class room can be anything that makes learning English a little more effective. They can provide an incentive to do better not only just in the class room but also outside of the class room. It can make it easier for learners to understand difficult vocabulary or other language techniques in the class room. This is how games can be effective within a classroom.