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I will write about the factors that contributed to English becoming a world language and its benefits. The advancement of the English language can be strongly linked to the Industrial Revolution, which first established land-based non-animal transport and telecommunications. Long distances were easy to do, and slowly, wherever in the world, it was possible to send a Morse message first, and later to talk to people in remote areas over the phone. People suddenly appreciated the need for a common language, and it was then that the role of English began to grow after the Industrial Revolution began in England and continued in America. Many new inventions began with English descriptions, although they were translated into international languages. When the flight was invented and started to be used in practice, it became even more necessary to find a common language, since there were no country borders for airline routes. Air traffic control had to be organized, and thus English was chosen because it was already the standard language. After the Second World War, a bipolar world order emerged, and the Western world was dominated by America both politically and economically. The western world of Europe and Japan were rapidly accustomed to the American-style "world order", and their peoples were eager to learn English as a foreign language, and it was successful. Multinational companies were expanding rapidly, and English was already the means of communication. The Soviet Union tried the same with the Russian language, with total failure. After the disintegration of the Soviet Union, other countries also had the opportunity to join the Western world, thus the Western economic market began to flood and companies began to settle there. As a result, English soon became a basic language in those countries. Of course, in the rest of the world like the ex-colonies of England, there was no problem because English is one of the basic languages in those countries, but the ex-colonies of French had a hard time integrating the English language. However, there is another reason why English is so widespread and can be learned quickly and easily. English has undergone a much greater change in history than most languages. Old English, such as the modern Germanic languages, but especially the Dutch, adopted many French words after the Norman conquest, while the early language innovators incorporated many Latin expressions into the language. Of course, this was not easy, but over time, the people began to abandon many grammatical elements that were not needed. Many outdated verbs, nouns, adjectives, and conjugations have been eliminated. Besides that, they started using the simple "you" instead of titles. As a result, the language has been greatly simplified compared to other languages and has become easy to learn. There are, of course, some difficulties, such as tenses or pronunciation compared to most languages, but these are of little importance in international communication. Why exactly the English simplified their language before entering the world conquest of colonization is a mystery, but it is also a fact that they brought the first industrial revolution together. As a result, English has become easier to teach, even to people whose native language is not English. Thanks to the use of English in almost every country, information exchange has become easier. So, if somebody wants to teach English, the person can find plenty of material to do it. Linguistic influences have also influenced the creative sphere so a lot of songs, novels, and other entertainment elements like computer games have become available to almost anyone. This is important during teaching as it has a strong influence on motivation when, for example, adding popular songs to the teaching material to improve skills like pronunciation or vocabulary expansion. I would mention the fact this will also make an effective labor market and offer more opportunities to anyone who has mastered the English language properly since most companies where English is required give people, regardless of country, the opportunity to work where they want. Nowadays, multinational companies are present in every country to make their service localization even more efficient in a given country. That needs the English language for the right communication between the companies. In the field of science, by using English as a common language, it makes research more efficient. In many research facilities, a lot of research is conducted in English regardless of the country, enabling people from different countries to help each other to overcome certain problems in their research. In conclusion, I think English has become a world language due to historical events, the simplification of the grammar, and the popularity of the fact that the English language uses the Latin alphabet, which is widely used in the world. For these reasons, English is easier to learn than the other languages and that's why many countries integrated it as a second language without any major problems.