Teach English in Maba Zhen - Huai'an Shi

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Education has been a big part of history, that even education, itself, has its own history. It is still progressing continuously as the years go by, new techniques, new methods, new approaches, and plenty of other modernized way of teaching strategies. A productive learning environment is mostly up to the teacher on how he/she manage the class to stay organized, focused, and be physically and mentally active in class. Although managing a class is not that easy, knowing what to do takes seconds, but putting it into action is something that a teacher should practice, such as teaching EFL (English as Foreign Language) abroad as you need to adjust and be considerate in terms of their cultural behavior. I myself have experienced teaching in an International School here in the Philippines, and it is a must to speak English as it is the main language for communication. It took me some time to adjust especially it was my first time to teach foreign students from different countries, it means that it was a multinational and multilingual field of learning. For my class to be well managed, I needed to address some concerns first starting of course with my students. I was not an experienced teacher that time but I know that being a teacher, you should focus with your priorities and one these are your students. Before anything else, you should establish a good connection with them because that would be your foundation for promoting an active learning. Ask each students where they came from and their interests, in this way you would somehow have an idea about the students’ knowledge in English through simple communication. Another thing that I addressed was myself as a teacher, about how I stood and behaved in front of the class. A good posture, a pleasing attitude, a well-modulated voice, and awareness of proper gestures will help you get the attention and discipline of the students to avoid disruptions. Give the students a nice atmosphere wherein you wouldn’t be too intimidating that they might be too embarrassed to state a wrong answer or even doubt to ask you about some confusions within the lesson. It is also important to know how to deal with students when they answered incorrectly for it might affect the students’ performance. Saying “close enough” or “you’re quite there” is better, giving hints might even encourage them to come up with an answer. Being organized is also big part of managing a class well, without proper organization of things, everything might just go downhill. A lesson plan would be helpful because that will serve as a layout or your guide for the whole course so that disorganization will be avoided. With that lesson plan, you have the chance to check if you made your instructions clear and concise, because you will be constructing it beforehand. The simpler and common the language you used for your instruction, the easier it is for the learners to understand. This (the lesson plan) will also help you to build a smooth flowing discussion and activities that would be appropriate for the lesson. Therefore, a good classroom management such as knowing your learners and their English language level, establishing rapport towards your student while still maintaining the students’ discipline, and being organized at all times will obviously lead to a successful class discussion. However, I as a teacher will continue to learn on how to manage a class competently through my past and future experiences.