Teach English in Minqiao Zhen - Huai'an Shi

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We have all met some examples of early career teachers. Some have taken it as an opportunity to travel somewhere without keeping in mind that they have a duty to fulfill, others have taken their jobs seriously but still lack a serious acknowledgment from the teaching field. How should we change that naïve image we might still have? At first, let us talk to teachers who don’t have a teaching certificate. The best start would be to attend into a teaching course. It’s always a plus to know the methods and concepts surrounding your field than focusing only on your intuitions and experience. This will be the only advice given separately to this group. As for everyone, we all have experiences and plenty potential as EFL teachers. On the other hand, we need to keep a fluid conversation with the administration; mainly by sharing knowledge and experiences. We do not and definitely should not scratch their back. It might be done by some of our surroundings but it is not recommended. However, if we feel that our current jobs don’t have the right atmosphere to let us grow; this will be the best time to recreate our image as teachers. If it’s over two years of experience and still treated as new to the field, this means it’s time to hop back to the job hunting terrain. For this step we will need to take care of few tools that will reinforce our presence in the field: • CV/ Resume: We need to keep our resumes updated, giving light to our previous experiences and studies. Also, we need to indicate our preferable concepts, feedbacks, and competence. Having a talent for music and art is always a plus. We need to take care of the presentation of our resume. We can’t keep it neither banal nor extravagant. We start first with a proper and legible police, some harmonious colors; two to three colors are good example. In case of doubt, there are plenty of websites, some are free, that guarantee to provide us with great formats and designs to our resume. Now that our resume is complete, it’s time for us to share it; online is the best option, including websites, forums and even social media like LinkedIn for example. This will put us in the map for new opportunities. • Videos: We have been teaching for a good time. We can use this opportunity to film ourselves doing the tasks we think are best. Mostly by using some activities where the students are responding positively, or explaining a lesson and providing a background to understand our choices of words and examples. This will show our behavior in class: How we lead the lesson, the efficiency of our methods and the atmosphere we spark in the classroom with the students. By combining these previous elements, we obtain a proper portfolio that we can rely on as our professional image in the field as EFL teachers. With that said, let us not forget about the core. This part is always able to be updated. We should keep up with all news from our domain, through attending seminars, conferences, as well as learning new materials and methods.