Teach English in Ninglianlu - Huai'an Shi

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Nowadays, we witness how English language becomes widely and internationally recognized as a language that is not only a commodity but rather, necessity. Since the beginning of industrial revolution, human kind is becoming more mutually connected than through earlier historical periods. Today, we are facing globalisation through numerous aspects of human development. Civilization as a whole is in great need for universal terminology, because communication has become essential for any mean of development and generally every aspect of our lives on this planet. English language has emerged as an official language in majority of countries and disciplines, such as diplomacy, transportation, technology, etc. This is all leading to English language becoming a global language and in many terms it already is a global language. In countries where English language is not a native language, people are certainly becoming aware and acquainted with English language since the early age. Firstly through cartoons, movies and music, later on through schooling system and technology, computers, games, internet, etc. Even people who are not speaking English language, most probably use English words more than they are aware of. Since English words and language as a whole, are becoming part of a "global vocabulary" we can say without hesitation that English is a global language. If we made an experiment (in a non English speaking country), which objective would be excluding use of English language or just English words, for as much as one day or one week, we would then get much clearer insight and better understanding with practical confirmation of how English language has become a Global language. Using our mobile phones or PC, alone, would imply some use of English language or words derived from English language. Travelling to another country, may be the best way to understand the global need for universal communication we are witnessing today. From choosing a destination, through boarding on various means of transportation, checking to a hotel, asking for a direction, to buying groceries in a local store, we must use different language than our own for basic communication, at least. Almost everywhere in the world, in tourist destinations, we can expect that English would be the language that is widely understood, beside of course, native language of the country we visit. In Diplomacy, Air traffic, Informational Technology, Tourism and in many other occupations, certain degree of English language is an imperative and a main condition to work in any of these sectors. Teaching English language has become an occupation with an increasing demand throughout the world. This is maybe one of the most compelling evidence of English becoming a global language. People throughout the world are becoming more aware of the possibilities, which learning English language could bring to them. Companies are paying courses of English language for their employees, Business English is an official term in categorizing and necessary for anyone involved in business with another country. Online English teacher, occupation that is becoming more popular, especially in China and Japan, is not only an example of how distance and borders are not of big relevance any more, with modern technologies, but also is an example of how big is the need for a universal communication and language. With progress of technology and internet, new jobs, occupations and interests are emerging every day. All of these leads us to conclusion that the World becomes smaller every day and universal communication easier and faster, with human kind and civilization just a click away, or a sentence away. If you know English, of course.