Teach English in Pingqiao Zhen - Huai'an Shi

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Learning a foreign language can be very challenging and can often take months and years of study to reach a high level. This is because the learner is faced with an entirely different set of words, sounds, grammar, and sometimes even alphabet. Depending on the learners' native language or L1, the level of difficulty may vary. For example, generally, it is easier for a native Spanish speaker to learn English than a native Chinese speaker due to the similarities in grammar, writing system, lexicality, etc. However, in this day and age, language learning has become far easier than ever with the help of the Internet and globalization. Online resources are revolutionary and facilitate the learning process in many ways for both students and teachers. Firstly, online resources can be of large support within the classroom. The internet is a vast space in which with just the click of a button, one can find just about anything that he or she desires. In the world of language learning, the amount of content that one can find is immense and depending on the language the amount of content may vary. In the case of English, it is the most widely used language on the Internet and many websites and platforms are solely dedicated to helping others with their English. The teacher can search and find an unlimited amount of online resources that can be both guided, such as a practice worksheet and or authentic content such as an online newspaper that is read by natives. Secondly, online resources may also be used outside the classroom. At many universities in the United States, students and teachers are widely connected through platforms such as Google Classroom or Canvas that allow students to submit their work, communicate with the teacher, etc. This can also be done in language classrooms and teachers may assign work relating to the previous/upcoming lessons, assign homework and projects, and even hold teaching sessions that are completely online. However, this may not be an option for the teachers or students depending on the budget or resources that are available to the school. I have benefited greatly from using online resources in my language learning journey. By using resources such as YouTube, Netflix, online newspapers, applications, and other websites, I was able to teach myself and reach a high level in the Spanish language. I am currently following the same approach in the French language and to be honest, learning languages in an old-fashioned way with textbooks and normal classrooms would not be the same. In conclusion, online resources can have a large impact on the way that the students learn and how the teachers teach English. Due to the sheer size of the internet and the unlimited amount of content that can be found, it is almost impossible not to benefit by using online content within the classroom. Also, the internet can be used as a medium to assign work outside the classroom, be able to communicate with students and even be used to teach from the comfort of one's home. However, one should take into account that not all schools or students have access to the internet.