Teach English in Wangying Zhen - Huai'an Shi

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Havilah Pearson ITTT course 7 February 2020 Why Complete a TEFL Course Who doesn’t love to travel, see new sites, meet and impact others, and have experiences like never before. But all this costs money. What if there was an option where you could travel and make money at the same time? There is! With a TEFL certificate you can get a job almost anywhere in the world. In this paper I’m going to show three main reasons why it is important to complete a TEFL course and get a certificate. The first reason is that schools, companies and organizations are looking for competent English teachers. These places can’t hire every person out there. They need to know that the person applying is qualified to teach; a person who knows English well and knows how to teach it. By completing a TEFL course you get that credibility and validity to be hired. The second reason why completing a TEFL course is important, is that it gives English teachers the skills and confidence they need. English speakers may wonder why bother with an English teaching course when they can speak English fluently. There is much more to teaching English than just knowing how to speak and write it though. In a TEFL course teachers become familiar with the ESA lesson plan, which stands for engage, study, and activate. They learn the reasoning behind following this pattern, and get to practice making their own lesson plans using the ESA format. In a TEFL course, teachers are introduced to fun and engaging resources and activities. These activities and resources will make learning points easier to understand and apply. Teachers are then encouraged to make-up their own activities that go along with a lesson point. Reviewing grammar points and leaning how to teach them to a class is a big part of the TEFL course. Grammar can be a difficult subject to grasp, let alone teach. Having training before hand in this area is essential to being a successful teacher. Also, when teachers take a course, they will always have the grammar points, resources, and advice to refer back to, long after they have completed the course. Overall, by taking a TEFL course, teachers gain wisdom from those who are experienced. The courses are based on many teachers’ past experiences and knowledge. Because of this learning, inexperienced teachers will not be subject to teaching by trial and error and will know how to resolve problems faster and easier. The third reason that it is important to complete a TEFL course is so that the students can learn English successfully. When an English teacher has a TEFL course certificate it gives reason for students to respect, be attentive to and trust their teacher. When there are these characteristics in the classroom students are much more likely to grasp what is being taught. Teaching English to students all around the world is a very rewarding job. Teachers have the chance to show genuine love to their students and impact their students for good; giving them the ability to speak, read, and write in English. Knowing the English language will open up new doors of opportunity for the students and they will then have the chance to impact those around them. Traveling is fun and exciting, teaching is rewarding, and when they are put together you get a job that benefits all involved.