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My Topic is #145 5 Activities With Flash Cards. Not only is this the most practical topic but also the most needed in the EFL world. There are many resources online that provide instructions for many games but I've found that many of these games were unsuitable for my classrooms so I'll present 5 games I found or made for my classes. All of these games you will only need flash cards, you won't need to prepare anything else with these activities. Time is A very important resource for A Teacher so I've dedicated these games to help others save time. 1. Flash card memory order (With the whole class) This can be done with any level of class, run through you flash cards ONCE with the students (show them and have your students tell you what it is) then flip the cards around so that you can see the pictures (if you use cards with words on the reverse side you will want to cover these up with paper) make sure that you don't lose the same order you started with, now the students can't see what you are looking at, they still need to tell you what it is though if they can do this then you can also ask things like what is the first card? What is the 3rd card? What is before the 5th card? What is after the 4th card? What's next? You can write which cards you did on the board to keep track of what you still need to ask about. 2. Flash card rock paper scissors race (In 2 teams) Place an odd number of flash cards on the floor face up in A straight line have each team stand on either side of the line and the first person in each line starts listing what they see while pointing at the card (the teams go in opposite directions, toward each other, from outside working inward). If the students point to the same flash card then they play A game of rock, paper, scissors the loser needs to go to the back of the line and the next person starts at their teams beginning spot, the first team to say all of the words wins the game. You can also pit the whole class against the Teacher if they are feeling competitive. 3. Who has ...? (In groups) Have 5 words and more than 5 students? have your chosen students come to the front of the class and have them hide the 5 flashcards behind their backs, make sure you show the class who you are giving which flashcard to, then allow the students time to switch on their own (I usually go for 10-20 seconds) now the students sitting need to find A specific word that you call out after the students guess reset with new students and you can play again, the more you play this the better they will remember. 4. Magic Words (With the whole class) This is A good memory game to play, line the flash cards in A straight line, say the first word and have the students repeat, then the first word and the second'll continue to add words until the end but the goal is to make A song or jingle out of the words. 5. Story by Picture (With the whole class) Most of these games are vocabulary games, this game is for more advanced students, position the class into A circle (or half circle) take A flash card (e.g. house) "there was A handsome Teacher that lived in A house", then flip to the next picture (e.g. school) let the student say what they want to say and keep doing this until the last card, the student with no flash card needs to end the story somehow. A good twist to this game is to limit topics or words for further challenge, (this is A sad story, we can't say "and", or nobody can speak in this story (they can only describe actions)). Feel free to modify or change these games to fit your classes I hope these games help, I used these games in my classes or saw another Teacher do them in their class. The hardest thing about young kids classes is keeping them motivated enough to want to learn over an extended period of time, there are many factors at play in class don't be discouraged if A game or activity doesn't work out in your class the way that you thought it might have, thank you for reading.