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It was in 1951. I was seven year old then. It was mandatory to attend primary school. In Malaysia primary government schools used English as the medium of instruction for all subjects. Our teachers were not Englishmen but Malaysians who received their teacher training in Kirby and Brinsford in England. We sat for our Cambridge Overseas Certificate Exam in 1962 which was equivalent to the Ordinary Level of schools in England. During my time, all films shown in cinemas were films from England and Hollywood. And I remembered my friends who studied in Chinese schools asking us for translation as there were no subtitles in Chinese then. One of the main reasons why our Chinese educated parents sent us to the English Medium Schools was that it was difficult to study Chinese. In English Language we have 26 alphabets which can be computed into endless number of words. BUT in Chinese Mandarin, each word exist by itself. No alphabets.To develop a vocabulary of 1000 words, one has to know each word by itself. What is an international Language or Global language? Esperanto was at one time touted to be the international language BUT did not materialise due to the difficulty to learn the language. Professor Jennifer Jenkins,linguist and academic, Chair Professor of Global Englishes at University of Southampton pointed out that the term English as an International Language (EIL)was relatively new to the TESOL profession. She further pointed out that the 1991 anniversary TESOL quarterly, almost no mention was made of World Englishes(as the term English as Lingua Franca has not yet been coined) Yet by the 40th anniversary of the TESOL journal , both terms, World Englishes and English as Lingua Franca, were assigned a dedicated spot. Occasionally the three terms - World Englishes, English as Lingua Franca, and English as an International Language - are used interchangeably. How did the English Language became a global language? The British Empire, consisting of territories conquered and through treaties and trade,became part of the the Empire. The colonies in America, Middle East countries, India, Malaysia, and parts of China came under British rule and English was the official language. English medium schools were established and learning English was a way of life . To get along in the present world, English is an important tool for communications and acquisition of knowledge All important fields of study, science and medicine have large amount of publications in English. All international companies prefer their top employees to be conversant in English for international business environment. The establishment of many TESL /TESOL training centres and organisations also attest to the fact that studying English is important for their further studies in higher institution of learning in the west as well to prepare themselves for their future working career in jobs where knowledge of English is an asset. The English Language is so important that almost a billion people from 70 countries and 6 continents speak the language. It is the the third most commonly spoken language in the world behind Chinese Mandarin(1st) and Spanish(second). End.