Teach English in Xihe Zhen - Huai'an Shi

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Teaching a language can be done in many different ways, the importance is the intention from the teacher for her students to learn. There are teachers whom does not care that much if their students learn nor if her/his classes have certain harmony or if a good or bad relationship exists between students. The responsibility and the commitment of trespassing knowledge to someone and being part of the development of a human skill is a great experience to live. However, teaching is not just about methods, modes or testing, it also needs a contribution of the role of rapport for an effective teaching. From my experience as a student, in school I had an English teacher that clearly taught what she knew but she never showed interest in any of her students, she only knew the names of the girls who used to misbehave and the ones whom she liked. I always felt uncomfortable with what I thought teaching was until I had the opportunity to teach English in a school in Madrid for a group of young kids. In that school I learnt and experienced a completely different way of teaching where fun and establishing a rapport were the base for an effective learning. I realized how different the flow of the class goes between this two different ways of teaching.  Every student is a different world and from my experience, yes I do think it is very important to establish a rapport with every student, regardless of age, culture or sex. By showing a sense of humor, calling students by their names, being available before, after or outside the class, encouraging class discussion, learning something about your students (hobbies, interests or aspirations), sharing personal insights and experiences with the class, etc, creates a link that contributes both the student and the class for its effectiveness. In other words, the student opens his/her door to any knowledge you can/could/would like to give if they feel comfortable with the environment and the people they are surrounded with. Also, it increases their enjoyment of the subject matter, motivates the students to come to class more often, and for them to pay more attention in class. This is not related to a magic trick nor any method to apply for, it is just about to implicate in their life, in a way. Even so, establishing a rapport does not mean that the figure of authority disappears, instead, the figure of authority becomes your friend whom deserves certain respect and treat. The classes are not rule by norms that demand silence nor attention. It is the proper relation teacher-student what makes the good environment of the class which is for the students interests. There are no rules when an agreement is placed on the table. Even so, teaching has to do with a flexible method among the personality of the teacher that has to be suitable for every students understanding. Sometimes, it could arise a case of misunderstandings where the teacher should be able to change the perspective, method or mode of teaching so she/he can resettle with the flow of the class. In conclusion, establishing a rapport facilitates understanding from both parts (teacher-student), both cases learn from each other important teaching, regardless of what was learnt. It is very important for a class not two have two different currents, in the contrary, the flow has to become one in an environment full of harmony, respect, empathy and smiles.