Teach English in Yinji Zhen - Huai'an Shi

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The need and importance of teaching and learning Business English to use in the international financial and industrial world continues to grow in leaps and bounds. As the international business environment expands and transforms, it is becoming a common employment requirement for non-native English speakers to learn Business English. It is the primary tool used to improve the interactions between English-speaking countries and non-English speaking countries. More and more international companies are using English as their shared language, and because of this, Business English is the language chosen to communicate and compete in the global market. This is the reason why the significance of effective Business English cannot be ignored or undervalued in this new age of global business transactions. English is currently the third largest native language spoken around the world. It is also the first and most popular choice to learn as a second-language. This explains why the majority of shared information distributed around the world by Internet sites, email, cable and satellite TV, and radio broadcasting are done in English. English continues to be the fastest growing and working language that bridges the cultural gaps that exist worldwide; this fact alone plays a major role in the far-reaching effects of business globalization. Business English is a purpose-specific tool used to convey messages and to reach mutually communicated agreements in culturally respectful ways. This is why it must have a distinctive vocabulary that is business-based and with the use of business-specific skills. These skills are extended out when giving presentations, speaking on the phone, writing emails and letters, negotiating contracts, and even when used during casual conversations—this skill set is an essential requirement in today’s modern business environment to help create, build, and maintain trust and cooperation between staff, employees, customers, and acquaintances. Business English is a skill set that helps students to become comfortable and successful in global business through the use of multi-linguistic communication. More now than ever in the past, succeeding in the business world requires critical and constructive thinking combined with creativity and flexibility. Technologies, trends, and fads evolve and transform rapidly in our fast-paced world, so it is imperative that ambitious business people have a greater understanding of how the world economy functions—they must comprehend the rationale behind business practices and goals. The technology field plays a vital role in our day-to-day interactions, and English is the universal language utilized when teaching computer sciences and technology students. Companies that rely on and thrive on technological research, developments, innovations, and applications must be able to communicate efficiently and effectively with their partners and associates—English becomes the common denominator that unites them. Just because someone is an intelligent college graduate does not mean that they can or will be successful in the Business world. This failure usually happens because they do not have healthy interpersonal communication skills to work effectively with their supervisors, coworkers, and clientele in a professional manner—this business professionalism is fundamental to achieve personal and corporate success. By enrolling in Business English classes, students are introduced to and involved in consistent group work and individual presentations—this prepares students to learn how to work together in constructive ways. Additionally, Business English students gain the gifts and advantages of interacting with, working with, and sharing new ideas with people of different ethnic and cultural backgrounds. After successfully completing Business English courses, students are better equipped to function in the world of business. They have the ability to comprehend and communicate verbally, as well as through reading and writing. They will be able to organize, manage, and perform business transactions and negotiations using presentations, reports, memos, emails, phone calls, agreements, and contracts. As students’ experiences multiply, their expertise grows stronger, and therefore, they will no longer require translation services in their daily business activities—this fact alone can decrease a company’s overall expenses. Business English students also gain the advantages of dramatically increasing their career opportunities and employment possibilities; students who become fluent English speakers are highly sought out by employers who conduct international business. These employers are looking for candidates who master reading, writing, speaking, and understanding English. They are looking for someone who is highly proficient in English to complete vital tasks such as creating business letters, advertising materials, and websites. They want someone who can record the minutes from meetings, verify business expenditures and profits, and document past performance and future goals. Lastly, with the vastness of our world becoming readily and easily available to more people, and because it is becoming increasingly more globalized, the opportunities to travel for pleasure and business are more commonplace—as a result, business people from one country are finding it easier to communicate with business people from another country. Yes, learning English is making our global interconnectedness and communications more comfortable and relaxed. ~Tracy F. Lost-Bear