Teach English in Liangsan Zhen - Huaihua Shi

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Teaching is not an easy profession to begin with. Furthermore, teaching English as a foreign language adds even more complications and considerations. There are many different qualities that contribute to the aptitude of an English teacher. For starters, one must have the aptitude for the language itself. English, as all other languages, is a difficult and complex language. In order to teach a language properly, the teacher must have a certain level of fluency in that language. Although this may seem obvious, it is an important requirement because teaching a student incorrectly is almost worse than not teaching them anything at all. Therefore, fluency in English is an important enough characteristic that I feel it deserves a mention. Another characteristic that is important for English teachers is general knowledge about linguistics, or experience in another foreign language besides English. This point might seem counter intuitive to the last point I mentioned, however there is a good reason for including it in a list of important personal qualities. General knowledge about linguistics or experience with another foreign language will allow a teacher insight on the common pitfalls of attempting to express oneself in a foreign language. I myself am a native English speaker that has studied linguistics and have attempted over the years to learn Japanese as a second language. Gaining experience learning a foreign language other than English has taught me how to distill important information and transmit that necessary information into another language that I have limited ability in. I feel that this experience has helped me greatly in situations in which I must try to understand a person expressing themselves with limited English ability. Another important personal quality for English teachers is a combination of empathy and patience. Learning to express complex human thoughts in a new language is a difficult, lifelong process. It can be frustrating to students of all ages and backgrounds. Therefore, in order to best understand and alleviate the struggles of their students, teachers need to be able to empathize with the things that trouble them. Once common problems are identified among students, teachers can adjust their lesson plans and teaching methods in order to most efficiently teach their students. Making these adjustments will take plenty of time and effort, and patience will help this process immensely. One more important personal quality for English teachers is having, what I like to call, a global mindset. A global mindset can be described as the understanding of the immense differences and variations that exist in culture between the various peoples in the world. Humans all around the world have adapted their own cultures and languages. These different cultures and the languages associated with them play a part in how people commonly express themselves, and these cultural norms, in turn, influence how the languages develop among the population. Despite the existence of countless languages, English has become the standard language at the global level. Teaching English requires teachers to be able to understand people from different cultures and backgrounds, as this information will affect their ability to express themselves in English.