Teach English in Longcheng Zhen - Huaihua Shi

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In this summative task I am going to speak about teaching skills, as I think that this is one of the important topics that every teacher should pay attention to. I have been teaching for already 5 years and during my teaching years I have got my year by year and when I remember myself few years ago I can say that is was not so skilled. Of course I have studied much at the University how to teach, what to teach but the main experience I have gained while teaching. So I am going to speak about the skills that are very important for every teacher to have. The teachers who are skilled and experienced they create rapport very easily and have funny lessons, during the lessons the kids gain the needed knowledge and have fun with their teacher. Meanwhile the teachers who don’t have much experience their lessons are not interesting and the kids are not satisfied with their teacher and lessons. One of the most important skills is the communication skills. Teachers who come to the classroom with good communication skills help students feel at ease in their environment. Teachers who are able to use both verbal and non-verbal communication help students understand what is expected of them and help build their confidence in learning. The next skills are Classroom Management Skills Classroom management, although not something teachers convey to students, creates a place where students can learn. We as a teacher should create our environment in the classroom for the students to feel more comfortable and easy to see each other, to communicate with each other and with the teacher. So the tables, the chairs should be in such an order for all theses conditions to be covered. Another skill is Well rounded assessment of classwork which lets students know they have lots of opportunities to be successful. I have noticed that teachers who master this skill have students who are eager to learn since they know they'll have many chances to do well. Well-rounded assessment means providing different types of projects and tests so that each kind of learner recognizes something in which they excel. Teaching skills in this are require the teacher to understand his or her students at the beginning of the year. Professional development in the area of teaching skills is a must for any teacher wanting to create a positive environment for learning. If we have the professionalism of teaching even our youngest kids can notice it and this helps them to get in touch with the teacher and trust him/her as a professional one.. As a teacher you can help to develop somebody's subject knowledge and maybe even their mind and personality. As a teacher, we should enjoy communicating and have the skill to understand others We should have confidence in what we do, as if we don’t feel confident ourselves the kids can feel that at once. We should have great organizational skills, be active, use different kinds of activities during our lessons. And of course we, as a teacher, will have some kinds of conflicts, that can be risen between teacher and students, these conflicts should be solved accurately, without getting stressed or getting into panic, we should find the reason of the conflict and make a solution for it. We should motivate your students to do their best. We should encourage them to love learning, this is the most important, if they love they will learn with pleasure. And of course I would like to mention about the feedback which is again the most important skills of teaching. We should do it carefully telling our students what they gained what not, but need to it by encouraging always.