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Classroom management refers to the skills, techniques and the teacher’s ability to control and organize the students. This can only be managed if the teacher build a good relationship with the students, which helps them to trust and look up to their teacher. Building a relationship with student’s means investing in them by finding out their strengths and challenges and their weaknesses so as to find a way to help them. Once the trust is created between the students and the teacher, there will be a sense of respect. This is important it as it will help the students to follow the rules and regulations of the teacher as well as the school. Another way of managing a classroom is keeping the student busy and always involved. This helps them feel important and part of the class. This can only be achieved if the teachers has a good sense of humor. The teacher’s, sense of humor is shown by how they interact with the students either during a lesson or an activity. The teacher should always be encouraging to the students in all the lessons and activities. The interaction with the students can be shown through eye contact, gestures and a voice. Good eye contact between students and teachers shows the teachers confidence and thereby increasing their interest in learning. There has to be routines and procedures put in place in order to manage a class. On a daily basis, kids have to know what they are supposed to do and what is expected of them, which can increase confidence and comfort levels of the students. Routines encourage students to take responsibility for the way the classroom has to function. This means that both students and teachers are accountable for making a class environment run smoothly, increasing everyone’s opportunity to learn. There are a number of ways of promoting student involvement and responsibility in class routines like: Classroom jobs, .this is where students are assigned to specific jobs and routine in the class like noise monitor, board cleaner, lights monitor etc. In order to have an educational environment that is conducive for learning teachers must make a classroom management plan and follow it. And also student should have a clear understanding of the guidelines put in place and why it is important for them to follow the rules. Teachers should set some ground rules to ensure that students are responsible for their actions. Some of the classroom rules examples are: students .should come on time, students should not copy each other’s work and many more.And also teachers should promote good methods of classroom discipline to manage the classroom. Different teachers use different interventions depending on the situation. Firstly the teachers have to know the school’s guidelines for discipline procedures so as to know exactly what to do. They should list standards and consequences to students as well as their parents so that they know what will happen if rules and regulations are not followed. Overall I think classroom management is a learned skill that comes through experiences in the classroom. Every class has a different process of how teachers can control the actions to be taken in the classroom depending on the level of the students. To have an effective and efficient classroom environment it is very important to build that relationship and trust with student.