Teach English in Tongdaoxiandilian Linchang - Huaihua Shi

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When I was still studying in secondary level and about to enter college, a lot of people asked me if I was sure with my decision to take education as my course. Here in the Philippines, teachers do not get a high salary in spite of doing a lot of paper works and very stressful job. Maybe this is the reason why they asked me about my chosen profession and even I asked myself too, but I love to help. Being a teacher is not just about teaching lessons from the book and completing what must supposed to accomplish written in the objectives of the lesson plan. The word “teacher” is very broad and everyone should be aware of that. Like what I said, teacher’s job is not just to teach but to mold, to mold young ones for them to be ready for their future and to help others or even to help the whole world too. Young children are considered as the hope of the future. They are expected to be molded and ready enough to help the world and its crisis and in order to do that, not just the parents but also the teachers must help them. That’s how big the responsibility of a teacher is, therefore, being a teacher is not easy. We need to be a total package for our students. A teacher is expected to teach the students about the things that they need to learn. Mostly, these lessons are written in a book or module. If you are a teacher, you must know everything because if not, a lot of people will criticize you. But it must not be like that, teachers are human beings too and we also have limitations. We do not have like the internet’s information to answer every question correctly. Teachers are not robot, even Google can’t answer all of the questions but we, teachers, are trying our best to give you reliable information because that is part of our job. A teacher is also the second parent of the students. Like the real parents of a child, once the students are already inside the school or classroom, the teachers must protect them. Protect them from harm and protect them from wrong information because of course they must only get the correct one from a school. It’s hard to be a parent of more than forty students (the regular number of students in a classroom here in the Philippines) but you have to. But what’s good with being a parent of these children is that you are also have a lot of love and respect from them and whenever you see them learning and getting ready for their future is the best thing in the world. A teacher is also a guidance counselor. We give the students advice and help them with their problems in school. If the students are troubled, teachers also help them. Actually, those are the job of the guidance counselor but most of the time; teachers solve their students’ problem first. If they can’t handle the problem anymore, that’s when we ask for the help of guidance. A teacher is a role model of their students. There are students who believe and trust their teachers more than their parents. It is because they are taught that teachers are always saying the truth and that is what they see in their school. That is why teachers should be a good role model to the students. There are times that they are copying their teachers because they believe that what are their teachers saying or doing are correct. So, even if the teacher lied or do things wrong, they still believe them and what’s worst is they will copy them. Nobody’s perfect but in the eyes of the students, teachers are perfect and someone who they need to copy or to be an inspiration. Being a teacher is not easy because to be a good teacher, you need be a good parent, an effective guidance counselor, and an inspirational role model for the students. It doesn’t end here; a long list is waiting for you to be called a good and effective teacher.