Teach English in Bailian Zhen - Huanggang Shi

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In my opinion, English songs are good teaching materials for both adults and children. I think most of the students must have their own favorite songs or singers. In this case, songs can shorten the distance with students. At the same time, I think songs can play a good role in promoting the classroom atmosphere and uniting students. In this article, I would like to mainly explain the song teaching for teaching young learners. Children's songs are a great help to teachers in class, and play an important role in the development of children's pronunciation and rhythm, which can be carried out before teaching phonics. Last but not the least, songs can also help to improve students' vocabulary. So, I think a teacher can teach one song a week or one song every two weeks. I think teachers can teach a children's song by following these steps. 1. teachers can choose a song by ask students to discuss what kind of children's songs they like before actual teaching. If the children's song which you are going to teach is popular with students, I believed that students will be more identified and active in class. Of course, teachers should also select nursery rhymes according to the teaching objectives. I think it is easier for younger students to understand the content of the song that can be expressed by body movement and to sing it more smoothly. Sometimes you can also choose nursery rhymes according to the teaching goal. For example, when I need to teach the words of clothes and the actions of putting on clothes, I will find a children's song related to them. Usually the teaching effect is more effective than teaching and memorising words directly. 2. Teachers can choose some new vocabulary and sentences to learn from the song. The choice of vocabulary and sentences should be based on the students' level. If the song is too long or there are many new words, it is suggested to teach a children's song in 2-3 classes. Of course, this is according to the teaching progress. 3.Teachers should create some movements according to the content of the song. If the song is accompanied by action, students can better understand the content. Moreover, moving in class will make the study more fun and more active to integrate for young learner in the class. At the same time, proper classroom management is needed. If there is an open class, the performance of singing a song with movements is much better than students only sing and stand. And the students may not be able to stand well until the song is finished. 4. For the teaching of selected new words and sentences, some games can be designed to make them easier for students to understand and remember. Games can also be related to songs. For example, one student act out the word, another student say the words out loudly; or listen to words and explain it by movement. The games not only enlivens the class, but also tests students' mastery of new words. 5. Using children's songs to practice will also reduce the pressure on parents to review after class. It is more effective for foreign language learners to integrate classroom teaching content into students' daily life. It should be noted that using the same children's song as teaching material may have different teaching purposes. Teachers need to set clear teaching objectives and make detailed lesson plans before teaching. Some teachers think teaching children's songs can be used to kill the time and build atmosphere, anyway, the students can learn something from the song, so they waste a lot of time in the teaching of children's songs and not teaching effectively. In my mind, this teaching attitude is irresponsible. These are my thoughts on how to teach songs in class. Thank you for your time.