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Ensuring a Positive Learning Experience Through Good Classroom Management For this essay, I chose option number 3 (classroom management). One of the most important things a teacher can do for her students is provide a positive learning environment. A large part of ensuring that the learning atmosphere is motivating and engaging is assuring that there is an appropriate level of classroom management. In a poorly managed classroom, there can be many distractions including poor behavior, disruptions, and unclear instructions. In addition, a negative or overly corrective teacher can also cause discord and a lack of engagement from the students. There are many ways to manage a classroom. However, the first step in classroom management is the assessment of students. The teacher should use the first class to assess the age group, wants/needs, and proficiency level of her students. This can be achieved by either having a basic group discussion or by administering tests, such as a placement test. Knowing the initial level of the students can steer the educator towards appropriate lesson material, thus avoiding boredom, confusion, and distraction among the students. A second way to improve classroom management is to spend time building rapport with the students. Having a positive working relationship between educators and students is a key element to a good learning experience. If the students do not feel comfortable with the educator, they are less likely to take a chance on answering questions for fear of being mocked or rudely corrected. Once the students gain an understanding of teacher policies, expectations, and attitude, they are more likely to expand upon the lessons, thus increasing interaction and knowledge. Thirdly, preparedness and fluidity of the lesson plan is key to keeping students engaged in the material. Teachers can prove to be their own worse distraction by coming to class unprepared or coming to class with a choppy lesson plan. The teacher needs to come to class on-time and ready to teach. Students of all ages are able to tell when an educator is “winging it” or when the educator did not put a lot of time or thought into their education. This can cause a lack of respect, thus disrupting the flow of the lesson, as well as the other students’ attitudes. This ties into the final tip for better classroom management, which is preparing engaging lessons that have a variety of sources and materials. One of the most detrimental things a teacher can do is prepare lesson plans the exact same way, every single day. Students need variety to stay engaged. In addition, different students absorb and relate to material in different ways. The lesson needs to include visual, audio, and potentially tactile lessons. It should also leave room for group work, lecture, demonstration, and student-to-student teaching. Combining the use of placement tests, building rapport, preparedness, and a variety of teaching methods and aids will play a big role in the ease or difficulty of classroom management. Both larger and smaller classroom sizes can be challenging for teachers. Therefore, it is of the upmost importance that the educator prepare for the best possible outcome in every way he or she is able.