Teach English in Cehuyangzhichang - Huanggang Shi

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Everyone has an opinion on what makes a good teacher and you would probably get quite a variety of answers if you asked enough people. This is especially true if you asked people what are considered the most important personality traits a teacher should have. There are certain qualities that everyone will agree on when it comes to important qualities for a teacher to have. Teachers should be kind, patient, lively, and entertaining. They should be able to motivate students, correct students without offending them or affecting their motivation, and involve all students equally throughout the lesson. Teachers should also have good subject knowledge, good rapport and interaction with the class, know their students’ weaknesses and give help and individual attention when it is necessary, and overall have a love for teaching. There are a variety of teaching styles that teachers can use in the classroom. One of them is manager or controller in which teachers are effectively in charge of the class with all attention on the teacher and they are normally standing at the front of the classroom to give explanations or reading to their students. Another is the organizer, which is one of the most important, and it is where teachers are giving instructions, organizing students into groups or pairs, initiating and closing activities, and organizing feedback. The next role is the assessor where teachers give feedback, correction, evaluation, and grades. Another role is the prompter where teachers decide what to do when students are stuck as in if they should let students figure it out alone or gently encourage the student along. Participant is another role where a teacher participates in the lesson as an equal rather than a teacher to liven up activities from inside but does not dominate the activity or focus attention on themselves. Another teacher role is the tutor which is employed when students need guidance and support, but teachers must remember to give equal attention and to not intrude too much. The next role is the resource and facilitator where teachers create activities where students learn without interference but is available as a resource if needed. Model is a teacher role that is about how the teacher is often the only source of real, live English a student has encountered so the teacher has all knowledge on English grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation in their eyes. The last teacher role I will mention is the observer and monitor, which allows teacher to see the length and efficiency of the activities where they can make notes of corrections or praise students. This must be done at a distance though so that the teacher does not distract students yet they can still check spoken work or written work in progress to monitor effectively. No matter which teaching role someone thinks is the most important teaching style is, there is a purpose for each style. That being said, teachers should make it a point to use each of these teaching roles in the classroom so they can be an effective teacher for their students.