Teach English in DushAn Zhen - Huanggang Shi

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Learning a second language is challenging. Especially for adult students who famously find learning a language more difficult than children. This stresses students and slows their learning process. Teachers, on the other hand, need to accommodate these learning barriers to effectively teach a language. ESL teachers need to have certain characteristics and skills to succeed in their careers. ESL teachers need to have the ability to develop a bond with their students. Successful teachers don’t only care about their jobs, but also care about their students’ emotions, especially those who are away from home. When students feel the teacher’s caring and love, they are more likely to be stress-free and open to learning. Strong teacher-student relationships create a successful learning environment. Teachers who show interest in their students’ emotions are encouraged to better communicate with them, to understand their weaknesses, strengths, and needs. Teachers’ sensitivity to their students’ needs improve their teaching skills. In addition to building a strong teacher-student bond, teachers need to be superior listeners. Asking students questions and listening to their answers carefully and empathetically is a key to break the ice between teachers and students. Listening to students allow teachers to understand their students' needs and shape their classes accordingly. Great teachers are usually good listeners. ESL teachers must be knowledgeable about their subjects and be passionate. ESL students are often a blank page, and they absorb what their teachers present. Thus, teachers who lack knowledge of their subject will pass that lack of understanding to their students. Students, as a result, will be confused enough to get frustrated and show less progress. Eventually, students may either quit or seek another teacher. Passion, on the other hand, encourages teachers to seek improvement throughout their career, to be creative and enthusiastic and therefore give more. Knowledge and passion are not enough to be a successful teacher. Teachers are required to have preparational and organizational skills. Showing up to class without teaching plans and for a certain language level is not going to work. Even experienced teachers need to plan their classes. Great teachers are constantly learning about the subject, about how to improve their teaching plan, and how to facilitate the learning process to their students. They refresh their teaching methods and materials consistently. Class management skills are essential for each ESL teacher. The more discipline problems a class has, the less knowledge is introduced and learned. This applies to both children ESL students and adults. There are some quality tips to help to solve discipline in the class. For instance, with my 5-10 years old students, I use non-verbal communication to grab their attention when they become loud. However, these tips should be addressed from the beginning of the course, and teachers might need to use new tips depending on the situation. Finally, the teacher should be positive and energetic as much as possible. Teachers' positive attitudes have great effects on students’ participation in the class and learning progress. Positivity itself can help the brain to function better and be creative. As mentioned earlier many ESL students, especially adults, are stressed when they learn a language. An angry or annoyed teacher will worsen students’ feelings and affect their learning. To conclude, teaching a second language can be difficult. Students feel stress learning a second language. ESL teachers need to have some personal qualities such as building a solid relationship with students, listening to their concerns, and encouraging them. This will enhance the students’ confidence to learn. Furthermore, the teacher's knowledge about the subject, excellent preparation, and class management skills, besides the passionate and positive attitudes are important personal qualities to help ESL teachers’ success.