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I have used 12. Teacher self analysis Any self analysis can become an iron-chain tying you to your desk, or a couple of beautiful wings, to soar into the skies and get a bird's eye POV on any situation, beyond the pettiness of the world down below. The honesty and courage you bring to the process will determine the outcome. The choice is yours and yours only, but the consequences are not, as they will impact the students you teach. You can ask any adult "Which person, except family, had a positive influence in your life?" Most of them will mention a particular teacher they had, one that took great care, almost like a second father/mother. Do you have one yourself? I do and still have vivid memories of it. Remember, this work it's done for your benefit and it develops in the privacy of your own soul; nobody is looking at your analysis or your answer; the more transparent you are, the more benefits you will receive. The options become available as you ultimately make choices in your life about yourself/ego/image that you feel now, and the one you wish to project into the world and the classroom, in the future. A self analysis always allows a wider view, inclusive of the person's qualities, capabilities and answers the vital questions "Who do I want to be in this world?" and "Does this job fit with my life's purpose?" To help let's think of an inverted pyramid where the bottom,narrow angle represents you, before doing any introspective evaluation. The top fits the three most important points to consider. You see that as we move up, the size of the pyramid gets bigger, as is the understanding you develop of yourself. The pyramid is just a "borrowed visual tool" what is really important is what you write in it. I will drive you step by step. TITLE ABOVE THE PYRAMID PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT WHO YOU WANT TO BECOME I want to be a memorable teacher for having positively impacted students' life with my teaching _____ INSIDE THE FIRST SECTION OF THE PYRAMID - spaced evenly IDEALS PROFESSIONAL ASPIRATION IMAGE PROJECTION Here you place the answers to the above questions (take as much space as you need, even more pages it's okay) ______________ INSIDE THE SECOND SECTION OF THE PYRAMID - spaced evenly PROFESSIONAL - JOB CHOICES REASONS FOR THOSE CHOICES Here you place the answers to the above questions (take as much space as you need, even more pages it's okay) ______________ INSIDE THE LAST SECTION OF THE PYRAMID - centered TIMELINE & EXPECTATIONS Here you place the answers to the above question (take as much space as you need as you will go deep into details, even more pages it's okay) ___________ AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE BELOW THE CORNER OF THE PYRAMID PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT STATEMENT WHO YOU ARE NOW BEFORE THIS ANALYSIS I am a teacher who wants to make a difference in the world This represents, figuratively, "a wider and wiser" view. Taken under these conditions, it will release benefits usable in any circumstance in your life, including, for example, a quarrel between family members. It will be easier to understand by looking at the imagined pyramid. Draw it. This simple visual representation is very helpful in aiding any human being through the process. Once you have answered the key questions, the job becomes easier, as you navigate the pyramid towards establishing your goals. So let's recap here, 1. Ideals 2. Professional-aspirations 3. Image-projection The way you answer these questions highlights the potential incongruence between who you are today and who you wish to become. It may require to come back for additional work to have everything "in line". Remember this is a practice. For example to say "I am a poor teacher today" and your ideal as "I want to become a rich teacher tomorrow", will show a narrowness of ideals and will be bearing very little benefit for you. The first line summarizes the immense relationship between who you are today and who you wish to become. Moving down to the second line we find Professional Job Choices and Reasons. This is another important declaration of aspirations. Beyond the economics of becoming a TEFL teacher, which we all consider, (after all it's a job isn't it)? Ask yourself what the ultimate drive is, why do you want to teach people who are not fluent in English and in a foreign country? We now encounter decisions about the timeline to achieve the development from the bottom to the top. How long do you expect it will take you to become who you wish to become? What are the steps you need to take? What do you expect out of this? These are real-life-pointers. When you have completed it, put everything in a drawer for at least three days and don't spend any more time thinking about it, as that won't bring any novelty to you. Give your brain a little vacation. Allow it to re-fresh. Later, it is time to jump back into awakening. When I say awakening, I mean it. It's necessary to abandon the constant slouch and lack of ideas, which created those strong iron chains, mentioned at the beginning, which will block you from taking off on your flight - remember the beautiful wings we spoke about? Soul searching is always connected to the quality of life you will experience afterwards. Being awake and aware is of great benefit to every aspect of your life. From what you wish to eat for breakfast, to making sure you are punctual to pick up your kids from practice, to dealing with your extra-noisy neighbor who doesn't understand you have young kids who go to sleep at 8pm, and need quiet to fall asleep. Those are all facts of life and those are all heavily impacted by who you are and the choices you make, Finally, it's most important to remember that "There are no choices that bear no consequences, they all do, guaranteed." ___________