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Should a parent learn English too? Yes. I think a parent should also learn English. Because the education of a child always begins in the family environment. A child always takes her / his parents as role models. Child; it takes everything from a parent's way of eating, to a parent's interest in anything. Therefore, when a child is knows, he / she can practice the child in the home environment. These practices can be made fun by singing, playing. A parent's learning English also contributes to her / his own development. For example, the parent may rise in the profession. She / he can read English books that she/he is curious about. She / he can take her / his child abroad for a comfortable trip. There he / she communicate easily with strangers. And this makes the child proud of his / her mother or father. And thanks to his / her knowledge of English, he / she can have fun with his / her child. English movies can be watched to help the child learn the pronunciation of English words and to understand what he / she hears comfortably. And at the end of the movie he / she can chat with the his / her child about the movie. If a parent learn English, he or she can easily communicate with a tourist visiting his / her country. And help his / her child communicate without hesitation. My mother is an english teacher. That's why I took my mother as a role model since I was a child. That makes me always interested in English. My mother taught me English in a fun way. We watched English movies and songs together. I was successful in my English lessons thanks to my mother. I see in my own life that a parent's learning English is very useful for his / her child. I am a parent too. I have a 3 year old daughter. I have already started teaching her English. For example, we have fun singing English songs at home. These songs are very instructive for my daughter. She learned parts of her body in English with these songs. As a parent, I have contributed a lot to this learning. If I hadn't learned English, it would be difficult for my daughter to learn English at such an easy age. And also, I'm a teacher. I've seen this during my years of work. Let's consider this in another way. If a parent learns English; A parent whose child learns English at school can check the English level of his or her child. In this case, it enables the parent to reach the right conclusions about the child and can direct the child accordingly. Or she / he observe the status of English education at the school where the child is educated. If education is poor, the parent can respond to it in a timely manner. To summarize; as I mentioned at the beginning of my article, a parent should also learn English. I must state that; a parent does not have to learn English. But, I think a parent learning English will be very effective for the child to learn English.