Teach English in GAoqiao Zhen - Huanggang Shi

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Learning teaching skills can seem to be a daunting task, as it is learning not only how to teach, but learning to carry the responsibility that come with teaching. When taking the challenge of learning to become a teacher you are subsequently taking the challenge to be responsible for other peoples aspiration's and success. Knowledge is what makes the world go round, so being a holder of knowledge is a great thing, but being a spreader of knowledge holds great responsibility. Overall, learning skills to teach, come with great importance. When learning teaching skills, specifically english teaching skills, you will come across many areas of learning. one area being simply know what makes a good teacher. So what akes a good teacher? A teacher should be kind and patient, a good teacher should be love to teach and a good teacher should be able to motivate thier learners. while those are just a few example of what make a good teacher let look at those important points. A teacher should be kind and patinet because learners will be reluctent to learn or paticipate if the teacher is rude and the learner will be discouraged if the teacher is impatiant, after all, everybody learns at a different pace. Why should a teacher love to teach? because like anyone else, if you hate what you do you will likley not perform well. A teacher who love what he/she does will be succesful are care for his or her work, as well as the students success. Finally, a good teacher should be able to motivate his student because often time, student will get discoraged from difficulty or other things and its important that the teacher guide them out of thier ruts. Learning the skills of the role of the teacher is very important also, because knowing the correct role to play is key in having succesful classroom time. a few roles are Manager, Assesor and model. while these are just a few roles i chose to write about these bacause i think the are some of the most important roles in regards to teaching. Learning to be a manger of the classroom would be the basics of learning to teach. You could say that the manager role is the base model of teaching roles because it exemplifies teaching with speaking in front of a class or explaining things to the class. Another important role would be the assesor. The assesor is important because student are usually eager to know wether or not they are performing well and if you asses properly you can motivate and correct the student if needed. Finally the role as a Model. Students need somone to model thier english after. A native english speaker is of great value to a student because the student can learn to speak with good pronouciation. Overall, the role of a teacher is a important skill to learn if anyone want to become a teacher. Another set a teaching skills that is very signifigant and important to learn would be Lesson planning. Lesson planning is a very important skill to learn because if you dont plan, its likley the lesson will not go very well and found it to be a greatly significant area of teaching to learn. What I have learned to be impotant aspects of lesson planning would be to Have a plan written down, being organized and know what should be included in a lesson plan. Having a lesson written down will help you as a reminder and its simple there for you to consult, how you do this is up to you. Being organized is detremental because being unorganized can casue havoc and chaos for you lessons and teaching operation. Ive learnd that some things that should be included in a lesson plan are Learner objective, personal aims, language points, teaching aids and much more. In conclusion, learning these teaching skills and many more, have been a great expiernce for me and i cant wait to begin this expierence. Even though i have no teaching expierence i believe learning teaching skills is a life long journey and you never stop learning, wether you are a teacher or a student. Wether you are learning about grammar, what makes a good teacher or any other skills they all have thier own importance and signifcance in the end goal or result.