Teach English in HongshAn Zhen - Huanggang Shi

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Language is a medium through which the messages and thoughts can be conveyed either in written or verbal mode. It is a primitive path for human-beings to build economic and social relation in the world. It is very important to know each other in this world where every other country has different language, culture, lifestyle etc. Common language plays important role in knowing and understanding people of different culture and race. As we aware with the existence of millions of languages in the world and it is impossible to communicate in all the languages so the concern of making one language as Global level has emerged and the approach of English language was in demand. And thus it is well spoken and dominant in many countries and also accepted as first language or official language. So Why English has become Global language? The History of British Colonization around the world could be justified as the main reason. In the Initial stage of 18th century, it became important for people to learn English due to industrial revolution so that they can manage to work in British companies and recognize their tools in better way so English Language was accepted and known by maximum number of people throughout the world so it considered as global language. In worldwide around 1.5 Billion habitants speak English though only 25% habitants are native users. The consideration of English as International language effects each human’s growth. International trade is the major concern for the Governments whereas travelling around the world or finding a job in multinational companies or to communicate with multilingual speakers or to connect with the world, English can be served as the best opportunity. Multinational companies prefer English as primary language due to acceptance all over, It is easy for them to finalize the deal and close negotiations with their service providers or vice versa. Not only this, many professional books are written or translated in English paying the concern of accessibility at world level. For any higher studies English cannot be neglected, many technical terminologies are based on English words. Mostly the journals, research, conferences and the discoveries are published in English no matter they belong to which country. The academic skills can be improvised with the language. English could be added to improve one’s personality and professional development or for achieving big ambitions. In entertainment sector also English became important language for people to learn and understand many shows and movies that are broadcasted in English. The social media like Facebook, Whatsapp, Linkedin, Snapchat etc; where one could spend hours are named in English so directly or indirectly we are connected with the language. Lots of internet material and the circulation of international news or information can be found in English only. So neither professional nor personal life can be escaped without English. Most of the contents on the websites is in English so for better understanding and global acceptance, one should be proficient in this language or will be left behind in today’s world. This way now days Fluent English is considered as essential tool of success. English can give us fast communication throughout the countries. It is a unique language of communication around the world. So it is a requirement in today’s world. In another way, English unites and connects all people through one medium of communication. Now days it looks like that half of the entire globe conspired and chose English to communicate. I personally feel English is very important as the world is developing at a fast pace. Day by day competition level is also increasing and being a English Teacher my career is directly influenced. It is very important to know English in order to stand out in the crowd. I hope English will expand the horizon of more opportunities for home country and outside in future.