Teach English in Huahe Zhen - Huanggang Shi

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When considering how to become a successful business English tutor, we first need to look at what business English exactly is. How does teaching business English differ from teaching general English, if at all? Well, generally, when we teach general English to an ESL class or students; young or old; we want to help them to learn English as their second or maybe third language for general use. We focus on the day to day conversation and teach them the correct usage of basic vocabulary and grammar. Our teaching style leans more on an informal, casual tone. We want our students to develop their speaking, writing, reading, and listening skills equally. The goal is that our students can understand, and be understood, in day to day situations. Business English, on the other hand, is a type of English used for professional business communication. It focuses on business contexts and is usually more extensive and specific than general English. The thematic focus of the lessons is typically on business scenarios, such as writing an email or a report, telephoning, conducting a meeting, negotiating or customer service rather than on general day to day situations. Additionally, it is important to include business etiquette in the course syllabus in various regions around the world. It is clear, that our business English students have different expectations and needs than those learning general English. First of all, they are all adults and need to learn English for a specific purpose and scenarios. It is important that the course syllabus is designed according to the customer’s needs and expectations. Most of the business students have been sent to the language class by their employers, and the company paying for the tutoring has their own expectations as well. Business students are normally well educated and experienced in their field of work. It is important to keep in mind that the lessons might mean extra workload or longer working hours for our students. We should consider this and not demand too much from them. In order to be a successful language teacher, we do not need to be an expert in a certain type of business. However, it is helpful to have some kind of background in business, but it is not a requirement in order to succeed. A broad understanding of the English language and general business terminology is, under normal circumstances, enough. The industry-specific terminology needed can always be gained from books, the Internet or, for example, from the business section of a newspaper or a magazine. So what is required of a good business English teacher? The key is to remember who we are teaching and to behave accordingly at all times. We should keep in mind that the first 10 seconds says it all! Therefore, before appearing in front of a business English class, we should have a look in the mirror. Is our appearance, in all senses, professional? Is the shirt ironed and the shoes clean? Every small detail is important. Next, we need to think about our behavior and teaching style. We need to act professionally in every way, be organized and punctual. Business customers, especially executives, will expect the same level of professionalism that they encounter at work on a daily basis to be carried over into the lessons. This applies especially if we are going into workplaces. Since all business customers are adults, we should try to gain some experience with adult ESL students before teaching in a professional environment. Choosing suitable authentic and non-authentic, professional-looking materials is also important. It is best to stick to activities our customers feel comfortable doing. Some of our students may hold high ranking positions so getting these students crawling on the floor or making a fool out of themselves for an ice-breaker in their expensive suits probably is not the smartest idea! Role-plays are a great option for business students as they can easily be based on real-life situations but we should make sure the activity has a clear purpose and ends once the goal has been achieved. We should remember to address also other real-life needs of English than just specialized learning. Since teaching Business English has become one of the most competitive areas in the ESL world, we need to be constantly alert to the changes in the workplace, new ways of management and fast-developing technology. When we keep our eyes open, we will be easily able to adapt to these changes successfully and, what is more relevant, we will be prepared for the next wave of change in the way we teach. With the constant rise of a global economy business, professionals from all over the world are looking for effective and efficient teachers to help them to achieve their language learning goals and succeed in their careers.