Teach English in Huanghu Nongchang - Huanggang Shi

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Teachers have a lot of duties. They play an important role in students’ lives as they help their pupils to create a nice character and discipline .They also make them become well adjusted in society and every aspect of their lives. Besides the family, the teacher is a key factor in shaping each child’s personality. Teachers have a number of vital roles in the classroom. First of all, the teacher has the role of controller. Specifically, the teacher assumes this role when they teach, explain a new language and show drilling techniques which are needed while students focus on their teacher. Teachers should inspire them through their knowledge and expertise. They are role models to their students. They help them with fluency and accuracy as their pupils try to speak in the target language. They should guide them in a way that students shouldn’t depend on them. Teachers also have to take care of them, respect and love their students. Another vital role of the teacher is that of prompter. They encourage their pupils to participate and speak in English more and more. Teachers ought to give explanations to them only when they truly need their support. When students get confused during an activity , teachers shouldn’t get angry with them and resent them. They should be patient and support them too. They have to give them useful feedback and praise their effort even if pupils make mistakes. A teacher is also the resource of the classroom. Teachers have lots of knowledge and provide learners with whatever language their pupils lack during a communicative activity. Teachers are an important and useful resource for students. However, teachers aren’t dictionaries and it’s impossible for them to know everything. If students ask a question that teachers don’t know, they shouldn’t get disappointed and embarrassed. They should be honest and say to their pupils that they will search and answer it to them in the next lesson. In addition, an important teacher’s role is the role of assessor. They check how well students are performing and they see their progress. This role gives teachers the opportunity to correct and give useful feedback to their students. Teachers shouldn’t overcorrect them, for students may get disappointed and stop trying. On the contrary, students have to gain confidence in learning the target language. Mentoring is a way that teachers encourage students to try and strive to be the best they can. Teachers ought to support them and try to make them enjoy learning while building their students’ confidence. The role of organizer is also determinant. Their instructions have to be clear and they should make a lesson plan in order to manage their time well and not run out of it. They have to prepare a number of activities in advance. In the first lessons teachers have to prepare a happy environment and break the ice. As a result, students will feel happy and comfortable if their teachers smile and try to be close to them. The participant is also an important role for each teacher. They should take part in activities in order to be more accessible to their pupils , but teachers shouldn’t dominate the activity. They ought to participate equally as their students. They shouldn’t be the center of attention. Teachers have the role of protector in the classroom. Specifically, they have to control the class successfully and recognize signs of trouble easily. If they realize that something goes wrong, then they have to act immediately. Teachers have to maintain balance and a beautiful and nice environment in the classroom. Last but not least, teachers are tutors. They act as a coach when students are involved in a project work in groups or they prepare an activity individually. Teachers provide useful advice, instructions and guidance in order to help students and make them understand each task in a better way. Teachers shouldn’t over help them because students may become too dependent on them. Students need to learn to operate autonomously. All these roles are important and teachers ought to switch between them appropriately. A good teacher means such a lot of things. The profession of the teacher is equivalent to many jobs. It seems quite a difficult job which is full of requirements, tasks and duties. However, if you love this job, nothing is difficult and impossible. This is a challenging job, but if you manage it successfully, then the emotions you feel are invaluable.