Teach English in Huangtugang Zhen - Huanggang Shi

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Teaching skills empower a teacher to increase student learning, achievement, and the aptitude to apply knowledge with successfully deliver and clarify academic subject matter. As well as well-developed interpersonal skills help teachers to manage behavioral problems in the classroom, teacher can't establish an effective learning environment without teaching skills in the class room. There are some skills teacher should develop to make the teaching learning process more success. Among those skills, • Classroom Management Skills • Discipline Skills • Observation skill • Student Engagement Skills • Durable Communication Skills • Teaching Skills • Subject Matter Proficiency • Time Management Skills • Clear Planning Skills • Positive thinking etc... Among those skills classroom management is very important. When we consider the reasons for developing teaching skills, classroom management generate a positive learning environment. Classroom management means the wide variation of skills and techniques that teachers use to retain students prepared, orderly, focused, intent, on task, and academically productive during a class. When classroom management strategies are implemented effectively, teachers reduce the behaviors that impede learning for students, while maximizing the behaviors that assist or improve learning. Discipline also regularly comes to mind at the discussion of classroom management, but the vital element of teaching is much more. Classroom management makes a set of potentials used in an organized classroom environment. It contains customs, rules and consequences. Actual classroom management covers the way for the teacher to engage the students in learning. When we consider the important of class room management there are some reasons as bellows. • Effective teaching A messy classroom makes it difficult for the teacher to do his or her job in proper way. If the students don't know what to do, they might get off task or cause troubles. Classroom management strategies help to create an organized classroom environment that's beneficial to teaching. • Effective Use of Time When teachers teach them how to do each part of the school day, teachers don't spend as much time giving directions again and again. So it gives maximum benefits to time. • Consistency A teacher with tough classroom management skills produces consistency for his students. • Less Behavior Problems One of main objective of classroom management is to decrease mischievousness in the classroom. Actual classroom management does not provide the students to disobey. Because the expectations are clearly described, the students know what they need to do or not. • It offers students an ideal learning environment. With the real classroom management it creates a proper teaching learning environment. That class room environment makes a suitable pace to learn and it will have a positive impact on students achieving given learning requirements and goals. • Developing effective working relationship with students. Rapport between teacher and students cause directly to make the teacher’s work more effective. If there is not possibility to make the classroom environment that much suitable place to teach, teacher’s work will not effective. • Administration support With the problematic class room environment every day school administration will face with different types of problems. So, good classroom management supports to the school administration to make their task well. • Parental support With good classroom management the parents’ idea will be positive about the teacher and the school. • It supports the appropriate performance of curriculum. Teacher should teach according to the subject curriculum and he or she should try to get the maximum performance of curriculum. So, proper classroom management gets the good harvest. Finally I want to say that classroom management uses to define the process of confirming that classroom lesson run efficiently without disruptive behavior from students. So, with the above important of proper classroom management teacher can make teaching learning environment well.