Teach English in Jinluogang Nongchang - Huanggang Shi

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Topic: Role of the teacher A teacher is so much more than someone who stands in a classroom and share knowledge about a particular subject or topic. A teacher is someone who guides, inspires, inform and motivate students to learn. “Teachers, I believe are the most responsible and important members of society because their professional efforts affect the fate of the earth” Helen Caldicott (2009). The main role of a teacher is to teach and prepare students for the future, however, as a teacher you will have several other roles. There are times when you will be a counselor, a mentor, a friend, a nurse, a psychologist, a disciplinarian, a mind reader among a list of other things. As a teacher you are expected to be inspirational, professional, knowledgeable, alert, consistent, tactful, respectful, establish rapport with students, provide support when necessary to each students based on their needs. Therefore, the role of a teacher is endless. Teachers are in charge of their classrooms they are always prepared for the inevitable. They are seen as role models for their student. Teachers are sometimes the students biggest cheerleaders, they are constantly cheering them on, giving them words of encouragement whenever they the students falter. Teachers also reinforce manners, respect and overall discipline. Inaddition to these roles, a teacher has to communicate effectively and have a wide knowledge of the subject content they are teaching. They also have to create an environment that is conducive to learning. One that is seen as a safe haven for students so that will learn, have fun and communicate whatever issues they may have freely. Teachers also have to plan multiple lessons a day, these lessons created are usually diverse and are tailored to the needs of the students based on their levels. Lessons that are not only informative and interesting, but one that grabs the students’ attention or one that is engaging. So that they will ultimately pay attention and participate in the lesson and not feel bored and unmotivated. Once students are focused and paying attention they will have no choice but to learn. Hence, the teacher would have achieved one of the objectives or aims of the lesson plan. A teacher also has to ensure that they cover all that is required from the syllabus or curriculum. So that students will learn all that they need to learn in a given school year. The work of a teacher really never ends. Some teachers even use their spare time to tutor students who are struggling with a particular subject, topic or grammar point. Teacher want the best for their students so they will make the time for those students who are struggling so that they will catch up with the rest of their classmates. Last but not least, some if not all teachers develop meaningful relationships with their students e.g. some teachers get to know their students on a personal level by finding out about their future goals and ambitions, interests, hobbies, likes and dislikes. This help to motivate and inspire students as well as establishing rapport. As we can see, teachers have many roles they switch according to the situation that present themselves on a daily basis in and out of the classroom. Teachers are hardworking and dedicated individuals. Their roles can not be defined with one or two words. They help to shape students lives.They are the foundation in which we build our hope.