Teach English in Luchaihu - Huanggang Shi

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Kindergarten based on my experience is one of the most hard and interesting classes why? 1-this age the most important thing to them is playing 2-energetic and sometimes hyper active 3-they don’t have the motivation to learn 4-parents sometimes are a big problem in that age cause most of the time they are denying their children’s problems. Also the way of teaching that age is different you always have to find a way to attract their attention or you will lose their attention, they can easily get bored and distracted, so in my opinion you have to be ready to make fun of yourself and also try to be child. Teaching this age must be based on material not course books of course books is important and work sheets is also important but, in my opinion, at least 60 percent of the class must be based on material, I usually use art and craft, videos and also games and puzzles. And sometimes I make a small role-play and reading stories in that age is really important they learn language and entertain and also it gives a very useful message, also I work on motor skills by playing dough, cut and paste and the art and craft. I usually start my class by circle time we all set together in a circle In circle time we sing songs related to the theme of the month and the lessons we take in that month after the songs we make a revision on the lesson we took before and a revision on colors, shapes and numbers “as a home room teacher in kindergarten I teach English, math and social studies” then I start my class which normally it is an English class so I organize the seats in a way that all students can see me, the smart board and the board I usually like the group work except for the work sheets as in work sheets I can know each student level. I like using the Montessori method in teaching kindergarten it makes them experience what we are talking about in the lesson as student in that age when they watch and touch things it becomes much easier to save the information. Monitoring and observation is important in that age just to know the weakness points in each student and also in my opinion studying the students character is important in that age just to find each student way of communication otherwise they will refuse to take information from you as in that age you can’t force them to learn but you should always encourage them and motivate them to learn. One of that problems that I face in that class is the discipline and behavior sometimes students have a bad attitude and behavior due to family problems or hyper activity or even mentally problems normally I deal with it by talking and find an unusual way of teach them but here is what more difficult than deal with that kind of student it’s the parents how ignores that her/his child needs help. I usually make a behavior competition I write all the students name in a table and each good behavior the student make he/she takes a step forward and each bad behavior the student make he/she takes a step backward until he/she reach the end point then he takes a very nice gift most of the time it works with students as they all wants to get the gift. Also that age is hard because you must take care of their hygiene so you’re not only a teacher but you are raising a child you have to be careful of what you are saying and what kind of information you are giving as that age is like a sponge and everything the teacher makes can be easily absorbed and also be careful never give a wrong information so if a student ask me a question I don’t know I have to tell him I don’t know but I will search for it. At the end kindergarten is a hard class but it is full of fun and experience you must be patient and have the tolerance and also to be kind and fun teacher and the most important is to be kids lover.