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What many people don’t realize is that the relationship between a child and a parent / guardian is one of the most important foundations in their lives and it is one that nurtures the social, emotional, physical and mental development of a child. One of the most important steps in creating this foundation is also the consistency in parental and teacher involvement within schooling. Teachers play a very important role in a child’s life especially in the early stages of childhood development. Early childhood development is where my main experience lies and what I will mostly be elaborating on with regards to various topics such as kindergarten exercises, what is expected from parents / guardians when potty training their toddlers, etc. When a toddler is in the growing stages of potty training, learning to walk, learning to talk, climbing of stairs or even how to sit still in a chair, many parents don’t realize that these basic steps in their toddler’s lives start at home and the teacher is the one that assists with improving this development. Love and compassion is a very important bond to have, however, so is the growth and development between a parent / guardian and a child as this allows patience and understanding for each other. Many parents / guardians love seeing how their child is growing but may not want to accept this and that is why understanding the importance of their child’s mental growth becomes a factor. I have had parents whose toddlers have been in my class that can’t say their own names when asked, however, have no problem with their speech in general because this is taught at school and not implemented at home. In some cases certain skills start at school i.e. potty training, and this is expected to be implemented into the child’s home routine by the parent / guardian. Teachers, speaking as one, do appreciate the parental effort in changing home routines as their toddler grows, especially if parents / guardians work long stressful hours. The appreciation becomes a factor when the parent / guardian find the energy and time to sit with their toddler to revise the shape of the week, singing of nursery rhymes or to simply sit and read a story book. Parents / Guardians who implement these basic steps at home improve the child’s early mental development and being the child’s protector and role model provides stability in the behavior of the child when being educated. Children that have a set educational routine at home carry this forward and are more focused at school. Parents / Guardians that work hand in hand with the teacher by checking their homework diaries on a daily basis is of great importance, homework diaries layout important information pertaining to the child’s daily and weekly progress. As a kindergarten teacher homework diaries give parents entail on their little ones theme, shape, color and number of the week as well as any problems that may have occurred during the course of the day. This in turn can assist the parent / guardian in assisting the teachers with addressing the mentioned problems at school. It also allows the teacher to embark on any mental development problem or issues. A lot of parents / guardians in the 21st century have very busy lives and live past their families so in conclusion most basic life skills start at home and are then carried forward and implemented at school. Should parents / guardians not assist the child’s teacher with the growth and development this could cause a negative effect or slower pace at a later stage and that is why a parent / guardians role in their child’s education is of such great importance!