Teach English in Mi'er Zhen - Huanggang Shi

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In the world we live in, being different is often deemed as bad. Where being the minority is often looked down upon. Sometimes we don’t like to admit that, but it is true. What people need to realize is that we are no different from one another. Someone from rural China is just as much of a person as I am even though we live thousands of miles away. The only difference is our story. Where we came from, who we know, what we stand for. Our story and our background are what make us all unique and special. The sad reality is that a vast majority of us will never be able to experience another persons’ life. An astronomically large amount of the world’s population will never be able to step into another persons’ shoes and understand where they came from and what they have been through. That is what TEFL does for us. TEFL gives the average person the opportunity to venture out of their comfort zone and do something that not many get to experience. TEFL allows you, if only for a little while, to live in a completely different world with completely different people, food, environment, and culture. TEFL gives you the ability to see for yourself that in a world of six billion people, we are not that different. Whether you are a life time traveler, or you have never been out of the States, teaching English abroad is something not many people have the chance to experience. Knowledge and learning are what bring people together. Those two things can bridge the gap between two different ways of life, and TEFL is allowing you to do just that. I think the most rewarding thing is knowing that this is a win-win situation. You are given the chance to impart your knowledge on someone else to make their world just a little bit bigger. You are welcomed into a community to make an impact on peoples’ lives. But what the locals may not know is that they are going to be changing your life as well. They are opening up their community, their schools, and their lives to you and welcoming you in. With those small actions, they are proving to you that just because they have a different skin color, language, and community they are human beings just the same. TEFL gives you the necessary tools to be the most effective teacher as possible, so that you can help these students, whom you have never met, learn and grow as people. Being an effective teacher means that you can make as big of an impact as possible on the students’ lives. So yes, TEFL is a nice way to be able to travel abroad and have a way to have an income while doing it. But if you really have that wander lust deep inside, the amount of money isn’t the reason that you are taking a TEFL course to travel. For a small amount of money, TEFL gives you the freedom to throw a dart at the world map and decided which culture you want to experience (for the most part). TEFL is the opportunity to go out and see for yourself how the world works without relying on the stereotypes from politicians or the media telling you what is right or wrong. Teaching English Abroad is the chance to prove not only to yourself, but to others that although we may live in a very big world, in the end, we are all the same.