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English is the most spoken language in the world, closely followed by Mandarin Chinese. The spread of the English language over the centuries has been through immigration and colonialization. English language managed to reach to the most far most continents like Africa through the works of missionaries and other explorers. Later on, it was advanced and strengthened through the colonization of these countries by English speaking colonial masters. In addition to this, it has been able to be spread through immigration by nationalities who shift to English speaking nations and later on back to their countries thus being able to enable spread of the English language. English speakers can be grouped into native speakers, English as a second language, and those that learn it as a foreign language. Native speakers are those that were born in countries where English is the language of the people. Therefore, they grow and develop with English as their first language thus they do not need to learn it. These countries are the United Kingdom, The United States of America, and in Australia. These are the countries which spread the English language to the other parts of the world. Countries which speak the English language as the second language acquired the language during the colonial period. All British colonies adopted the language as their official language, and in most of them, it is taught in their schools with other local languages. Therefore, it is acquired through learning whereby the learners acquire it through interacting with English speaking individuals or through being taught (Melitz 588). The language has been learned by people in countries to break barriers in communication. In countries where people have different cultural backgrounds, their native languages differ. The countries have resulted in harmonizing their communication through one language, and in cases where they were British colonies, English is the most preferred. This adoption has a positive impact in that it connects people of different cultures. The spread of the language began with ancient immigrations, voyages, and missionaries. All these were venturing into territories, where they could teach the locals English. The locals learned the language as a means of communication with the foreigners, and with time, many people started the use of the language. Therefore, this venture was to ease the means of communication in day to day interactions. In countries where English is used as a second language, there has been an increased number in the number of the speakers. This growth in the number of speakers is because of an increase in literacy levels, and schools here teach English. People are learning the language because it is the most spoken language and with the world becoming a global village, people will meet people of different cultures. The spread of English has been due to various factors such as political, economic, and sociological factors. Those factors, demand for learning the language has risen. It is the language of business and communication in the world stage, and more people are learning it. With this, there is increased ease of interactions that have been facilitated by the knowledge of the language which is most used in the major aspects of communication such as trade, sociological interactions, politics and other forms of sociological interactions. Work Cited Melitz, Jacques. "English as a global language." The Palgrave handbook of economics and language. Palgrave Macmillan, London, 2016. 583-615.