Teach English in SanhuA Zhen - Huanggang Shi

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There is most definitely a difference between these two groups of learners. When I first began teaching I only would teach adults and would refuse to accept young students! Why? Well I was lazy and not experienced to be honest. I found it much easier to teach adults. However, the pressure to accept young learners was intense and I in time and gradually I might add I began to accept the younger students. I began to grow as a teacher as there was always something that needed to be developed. One thing to this day I refuse to use is a course book. Why I do this when both the school and the parents want me to? The answer is simple, I always do what is best for the student and not anyone else. I am able to cram in so much more, adjust quickly as needed and give a far better education to the student. Since my students usually stay with me a long time, I get to watch them grow up! I am not just an observer of their progress in English, but a part of their life. This is such an awesome experience and the rewards to my heart are incredible! For the last seven years the vast majority of my students have been young learners. I have had some students send me unrequested presents from China (believe it or not one gift was tea, no pun intended! It was really good tea!) Also when we are in the same part of a country I have been able to meet up with some students and am always open to that when ever possible. I do also enjoy teaching adults because often we can have interesting conversations. Sometimes they are the parents of my students. I highly recommend this to them as it will have an improvement on theirs child's development too. More home conversations can be had and often they are competitive with their student. Having focused on the Chinese market I have also come to know common difficulties of my students, whether young or adult. This has allowed me to develop specific solutions and over time I have a tool box of proven solutions. Thus leading to quicker improvements. Young students need to learn more vocabulary, grammar fixes and pronunciation. They tend to have adequate listening skills. But are sometimes shy and afraid. There are ways to help them get out of these modes. ​Interestingly adult students have enough vocabulary but can not express it. This coupled with poor listening skills is what gives them the most challenge. Once I had two adult students that were very educated. One was a P.H.D who had great oral and reading and writing skills. The other was a M.D. and he had great reading, vocabulary with ability to learn pronunciation easily What they had in common, and they both stated it to me "I can not understand you" referring to me. I explained that is normal and will take about two weeks of everyday lessons, and their listening skills will improve. They both took about four classes then stopped. My guess the reason was from frustration, because in their past educations they were able to learn and achieve high levels of education. What they failed to understand that there are muscles and brain strengths that need to develop, not in the way they have previously learned but in an undocumented and not clearly visible way. I love teaching all ages and levels because I like people, and what better way to get to know someone!