Teach English in SAnjiaoshAn Linchang - Huanggang Shi

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Communication is a huge factor in developing relations and building bridges among professionals. This is the very foundation of relations which brought up understanding and agreement to a common goal while ensuring individual interests. This is one element of nations building. In this regard, English was brought up as the primary international language accepted among nations as members of the United Nations. This is in furtherance of the necessary diplomatic relations. Without a primary language that is accepted, individuals, groups or states will consequently have difficulty in agreeing to a certain point and thus, would have prevented relations or contracts however small, contributes to the society as a whole in developing the system of economy and governance that we have today. In order for individuals to be competent in the basic and fundamental skill of communication, it is widely and internationally accepted that English be taught and included in the curriculum of basic education. The proficiency and comprehension in the English language would thus influence a student’s future in various ways. Ever since English was established, it has become a norm in the highly competitive professional environment to use the English language. Hence, it is crucial for an individual to express his opinions, statements, or otherwise, in an articulate manner in order for him to be understood and accepted among his peers. A good foundation in English would definitely improve one’s competence in the professional world. The English language might also be influential even in the everyday informal communication outside of the corporate or professional world. Expressing one’s feelings is the key to developing one’s interpersonal skills. Speaking articulately in English might help an individual when it comes to conversing with foreigners for example. This might open doors, expand horizons or even bring opportunities to a certain individual. As previously said, understanding one another is the basics when it comes to relations or building one’s personal network or friendship. English is also found in the literary and artistic domain. Comprehension in reading or even listening might prove to be persuasive to an individual. Even speeches might inspire a student to work on his craft and achieve his or her goals or dreams. Popular inspirational speeches that formed part of the literary domain is a source of both education and inspiration. A vast number of these literary works are in the English language and hence, if a student is very proficient in English, it might inspire him or her or even drive his or her interest in literature. Developing one’s skill and reading comprehension might likewise influence a student to become more competent in the fields which require extensive reading. Some might even develop a photographic memory which is an advantage if one would pursue law or other professions that requires memory and understanding. No matter how small a step towards learning English both in spoken and written skills, such a small step will build a huge foundation for the future of an individual, may it be in the professional world, literature, or even personal relationships. Hence, with better English, we will build a better nation. Thus, Studying the English language may help the students for instances that they will migrate to other English speaking countries, It can help them build confidence in working in those nations.