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Nowadays, more and more people care about the importance of parents in education. I am a child for my parents too, I have been thinking about this question for many years. In my opinion, parents should be children’s teachers and friends. - Teacher Many people consider that education should be teachers’ or schools’ duty, however, before children go to school, they spend almost all of their time staying with their parents. During this time, they learn how to speak and the basic characters are built as well. In many parents’ opinion, if a child can get high scores in exams, the child will go to a good university. A student from a good university must be a good person. Let’s look at some numbers first. From Campus Safety and Security Department’s analysis, between 2015 and 2017, in the US Top 100 universities, almost 16.600 cases happened, which means 164 cases happened in 1 university in 3 years, average once a week. In China, the school violence cases increased 50% in 2017. Looking at these numbers, I believe that nobody will agree that education is just the duty of teachers or schools. As we know, teachers play different roles in classes, being the first teacher of children, what are the differences and similarities between parents and teachers? A teacher should be a model in the class, because if the teacher can’t speak English well, why should the students listen to the teacher? Children won’t care about what their parents say, but what they do. I can see many parents playing with phones on in the subway, will their children read books after seeing this? Also, a teacher should be a tutor who can offer help according to students’ different needs and characters. For parents, every children is different, if they can find the children’s features and support them, that will be really helpful. When students need help or forget something, the teacher need to be a prompter to remind the students in order to run the class smoothly and make sure they understand the language point. In a class, the teacher should not just be an organizer or a manager, but also need to participate in the lesson and observe students in the activities. Similarly, parents should involve some of children’s lives. On one hand, they can lead a good example and build good relationship, on the other hand, parents can know their children better in the whole process. - Friend In China, few parents want to be their children’s friends, because to their minds, if they become the children’s friends, their children won’t respect them. Talking about respect, let’s have a look at how we can earn others’ respect. 1, Be kind and always be polite to everyone. 2, Act respectfully, only when you respect others first, others will respect you as well. 3, Listen well, then you can understand others well, don’t just give your opinions. 4, Be useful, when you help others, they will be respectful and grateful to you. 5, Don’t make excuses, if you do anything wrong, just apologize which is much better than finding excuses. 6, Let go of anger, control yourself when you’re angry, there’s always a better way than getting mad. 7, Be willing to change, the world is changing everyday, being stubborn won’t help anyone. Be open, there’s no need to feel ashamed if you learn something from you children. From the 7 tips above we can see, there’s nothing related to who you are if you lose respect, it’s only depends on your behavior. When you stay with your friends, you will feel relaxed, energetic and comfortable, if you can have the same relationship with your children, that must be a really beautiful picture. It’s not easy to be parents, and when children grow up day by day, they need to change their role as well, treat others as an individual human being first, then stand in others shoes, the last, allow the existence of discrepancy.