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DO ITALIAN LEARNERS HAVE PROBLEMS........ WITH THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE? In this essay, I'll try to find an answer to this question by doing some research about mastery of the English language in Italy. I'll give some information about the Italian school system and the way of teaching English. Finally, I'll tell you something about my personal experiences in Italy and at the conclusion, I'll give my opinion about the title question. When we look at the statistics of mastering the English language in Italy, we can see that they are at the bottom of the rankings in all Europe.Nr 34 (Il Sole 24 Economia.2018). Only 16% of the Italians speak two languages, EU or non-EU, compared to 21% of EU citizens(and 40% do not mention any). (Il Libraio'' Do you speak English''.2019). How is this possible? Since 2003, throughout Italy, English has been compulsory since first grade, while 98,4 per cent of junior high school students even study 2 languages. (Repubblica. Gli italiani bocciati in Inglese). The students leave the middle school with poor skills but eight years of training behind them. The result is that they speak little and they can't take it anymore! The Council of State decided on 29 January that it's forbidden for universities to offer degree courses exclusively in English, because of the need to preserve the Italian Language. (Il Sole 24 Economia. 2018). It seems that the actual way of teaching English doesn't offer positive results?! Only 12 per cent of elementary school teachers is under 40 years old. Those who teach today studied in the eighties when languages were not given much importance. (Repubblica ''the pen is on''.2019). The lessons are based on grammar and making exercises, without offering interesting topics and the opportunity for conversation. So the students are getting bored. A language is a puzzle and learning it should be fun, just like practising your favourite hobby. You should want to improve it without struggling. (Vanity Fair. Sloan. Gli italiani? Don't spik English .2018). Some good advice to stimulate Italian learners to study the English language; - Watch films and cartoons in the original language. Listen to English songs. Practice your speaking skills as much as possible. The teacher has to stimulate the students by offering interesting topics and a variety of games. Put some fun in your lessons. My personal experience: As a Dutch woman living in Italy for 33 years, I've only met a few people who were familiar with the English language. I have been teaching in kindergarten for many years and noticed that not so many parents and teachers are able to speak English. The children are often very enthusiastic and motivated to learn new words in a playful way. My experience in teaching English to young learners at a summer camp hasn't been very positive. The students have completely lost their confidence and motivation in the current lesson system. But I've noticed that they are interested in conversing in a playful way. As a mother of 3 sons(24-23-13) I can tell you that the English lessons my kids went through were mainly based on grammar-textbook and tests, never a different stimulating lesson. My experience with the ESA method is fantastic. The learners are motivated by a different teaching system. They feel stimulated to participate. That has brought me heartbroken results. Some rebellious students who started to cry because of their frustration about their English school experiences, have joined ESA lessons with joy and enthusiasm. All my compliments for the ESA theory!! It offers stimulating and joyful lessons. The teacher and students can interact with each other in a positive engaging and stimulating way. This will offer everyone an unforgettable experience with a special message...that learning English is fun, it opens your world and will personal enrich you!!!! Thank you very much for these beautiful lessons! I finish by replying to the question...''Do Italian learners have problems... with the English language''? My conclusion is that they surely have problems!!! This concerns the inadequate school system and the boring way of teaching English as a foreign language. I sincerely hope that the near future will offer a new and stimulating way to teach the English language to Italian learners so that Italy can raise to the top of the European statistics of best English speaking country. Wish you all good luck and a lot of fun. Margot Rutter.