Teach English in Siwang Zhen - Huanggang Shi

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Teaching English is gaining popularity by the day. A lot of people want to become an English teacher. Being and English teacher can give you the opportunity to travel and see the world. Also it may give you a chance to work abroad in international schools, kindergartens or training centres. This is a main reason for a lot of people to get their TEFL certificate. If you study and try, then yes you might pass the course and become a teacher but not every person has the qualities to be a good teacher. Besides hard work, big heart and serious dedication i have found that there are three more very important qualities a teacher should have. Firstly, the most important quality a teacher has to have is respect for their students and their background. A lot of students who wish to learn English are from different cultures and therefore have different experiences, culture and knowledge than a teacher might have. A good teacher is able to respect the fact and put aside all differences that she might have. Also a good teacher needs to bear in mind that different cultures have different manners and religion and might not act the way they expect them to act. A classroom should be a place where all differences are set aside and everyone can be on a “neutral ground”. All students must be treated equally and given equal opportunities to learn. Secondly, an important quality for an English teacher is also patience. A good English teacher knows how to be patient with her students and understand that things take time. Every student has their own pace, own way how to learn English. A teacher needs to understand this and try to work out techniques that can suit everybody. Patience is a quality a teacher should have but also teacher should be able to teach her students patience. That hard work also takes time and things do not happen overnight. Thirdly and lastly, an important quality for an English teacher is honesty. This can be taken in two ways. Being honest against ones students. If a student is failing a class then a teacher needs to be honest with that student and help them in any way that it is neccessary. They can not lie to a student that they are doing a great job when actually they are failing a class. Also teacher needs to be honest with herself. If a teacher feels that she might not be that good with some of the topics she has to teach the class then the teacher should find more materials and educate herself. This is for their own good and their responsibility to give the students the best they deserve. In conclusion, i have found that there are a lot of qualities that are necessary for a teacher to be a good teacher but these three to be the most important qualities an English teacher should have. Everyone can become a teacher but not every person is a teacher.