Teach English in Tanlin Zhen - Huanggang Shi

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Bringing games into the classroom can be an effective strategy for many aspects of the learning process. It can be used as an icebreaker for students who are just getting to know each other, or as a warm up to get the class engaged and ready to learn. Playing games, when geared towards a specific subject can also be a great way to learn by doing. When students are new to a class and do not know one another, it can be more difficult to encourage them to speak up and participate in activities. They may be more shy when it comes to answering questions, as well as prevent them from asking questions when they need clarification. Using games that encourage getting to know one another can speed the process along of the students becoming more comfortable with each other and the teacher. Games where the students are able to ask one another questions and give answers can be a fun way to solicit information, without putting too much pressure on anyone in particular. Games such as ‘pass the ball’ or ‘tell us about’ are games that can be fun, and the students are able to utilize the English language, without having a formal topic or learning objective (other than getting to know each other of course). When using games as a warm up for the class, you’re able to get the class to start thinking in English in a fun way rather then getting straight to a task. Whether you are teaching younger students or older students, the chances are that your class is not the only responsibility that the student has throughout the day, so starting off with a light activity can help loosen them up and be more receptive to learning. When the games are related to the class’ subject matter it helps the student become more focused on the topic. If reviewing vocabulary, games like ‘hangman’ or ‘pictionary’ can be a fun way of eliciting certain words from the students that they have already learned, and sets the mood for the rest of the class. Incorporating games into the learning material is a way you can encourage the students to learn by actively participating rather than just sitting with pen to paper. When having students learn the names of different body parts having them stand up play ‘Simon says’ can be a fun way for them to be active and pointing to each body part that is called out. The teacher can begin by visually pointing to the specific body part as it is being said so that the students can associate the word with the correct body part. Using games to review material before tests is a way that you can encourage the students to have fun while studying and rather than just sitting and reading. The online game ‘Kahoot’ is a fun way for students to compete against each other while answering multiple choice questions on electronic devices. There are Kahoots available for a wide array of subjects, and if there is nothing that suits you, you can create your own as well. Learning should be made fun for all age groups and levels. Not many people are able to effectively learn by just sitting with pen and paper, therefore it is important to vary lessons, and include games so that students can enjoy what they are learning. Information is retained much easier if you are learning it in an enjoyable way. Games can help students and teachers become more comfortable with each other, learn about one another's personalities, and gain insight into the students’ current level of the language.