Teach English in Tuanfeng Zhen - Huanggang Shi

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Several types of research have been conducted the researches regarding the effectiveness of the use of storytelling as a pedagogical strategy. According to a study conducted by Muritirani and Izzah, researchers studied the power of storytelling in teaching English to young learners. Below is the summary of mentioned interesting research which is done in 2015 in the University of Muhammadiyah in Jakarta, Indonesia. Using stories for educational purposes is an effective teaching strategy especially for teaching young learners. Most young learners enjoy listening to stories. Stories have power which can bring the young learners into a world of imagination and draw a colorful picture with many interesting characters in the story. Storytelling is one of the most useful techniques to attract young learners in the learning process effectively. Telling stories to have a good chance for young learners to discover the experience of real-life and language learning experience together. Storytelling is a kind of teaching method which can help the young learners to knowledge, literacy, imagination, creation and critical thinking. Therefore, storytelling would be very useful to teach a foreign language to young learners. It promotes expressive language development in oral and written form and present new vocabulary and complex language in the powerful form that inspires children to emulate the model they have experienced. On other words, storytelling is an important tool for language teaching and learning. Storytelling for young learners is vitally important to create constructive and creative comprehension. Storytelling motivates children to be an active participant in the construction of the meaning of the story. In this activity, children involved while listening to the story so they can response the language to gain the comprehension response. They experienced in a different mental process. The first process is they create a mental picture where they try to figure out the meaning of what they listen to. Next, they try to imagine the characters, the situation, and the theme in the story. So using storytelling can give the experience of language learning in a fun situation. To recapitulate, storytelling can be a very effective teaching tool as long as it is adopted to the students' proficiency level, interest, age, and needs. It is more efficient in the case of younger learners, who have not developed their abstract thinking yet, and who are very creative and imaginative. An important aspect to consider when bringing stories to class is that the teacher should start with something shorter and easier and, as the students’ progress, she/he can increase the length and difficulty of the story and follow up activities as well. Also, it is worth mentioning that, if combined with other methods and approaches to teaching, it really helps students advance slowly but surely on their path as learners of an English language. And finally, from time to time, we should listen to what our students would like to do and bring to class something that would meet their wishes, so as to motivate them and give them the feeling that their work and progress are acknowledged.