Teach English in WujiAshAn Linchang - Huanggang Shi

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Nowadays,it is a hot topic to talk about teachers. As we can see,teachers are very important to our society, it is often believed that a student's interest in education has much to do with a teacher. A good teacher shows the students what they can do and what they need to learn to do what they cannot do at the moment. Teaching should be gradual, letting the students see their progress in achieving and high levels. Actually, teachers play vital roles in the live of the students in their classroom. And also, teachers have different role at different situation.But how many roles does a teacher have? Most of people think, as a teacher just need to teach students,just need to as a controller. But, as a good teacher, especially nowadays, that the "student-centered" are opposed to " teacher-centered", there are many different roles of a teacher and also it has higher standard to be a teacher. You need to be a manager, organizer, assessor, prompter, participant ans so on. What kind of teacher is a good teacher? First, you must to be kind, patient. You need to care all of your students, not just focus on one of them. Also, during a typical lesson a teacher will have some or all of the following roles: manager, organizer, assessor, prompter, participant, tutor, resource, model and observer. In the past, a teacher will be a manager in the class the most of percentage. But, nowadays, this role is becoming less and less important in a teacher's role. Cause, in the class, we should motivate the students' interest, mobilize students' enthusiasm and initiative. Let them explore, discover, trying and figure it out.We need to lead the students study independently. So, we are not a manager or controller any more. As society develops, we have another role that is more important that is an organizer. We need to help the students whenever they want, we need to elicit the students whenever they are confused, we need to talk with the students whenever they have difficult problems, we need to give them suggestion whenever they miss their goals. So, we are not in charge of the students any more. What we should do is to be friends with our students, help them out. And also, we are assessor to our students. we need to give them the specific feedback whenever they finish on activity. As this role, we can help the students know themselves perfect and clearly, and then they can find the way which is the most suitable about themselves, they can correct their own mistake and do it better. The most important things that we can do in this role is to be fair and consistent. We also be a prompter in our class. We need to gently encourage our students when they lose the thread of what they are trying to say or become stuck for ideas. We need to protect their self-esteem and also let them learn a lot. We also be a participant, not a leader,we need to take part in their activities and explore what they need. In the meantime, we need to be a tutor to elicit when they need. We also are a model. It means we need to manage ourselves first and then to manage, help our students. As society develops, there are more and more standard and roles in our job, we need to keep learning and do our best to help students to grow up.