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Is learning grammar really necessary when speaking in English? In the English language, there are eight grammar rules to abide by, such as noun, pronoun, verb, adjective, adverb, preposition, conjunction, and interjection when speaking publicly. The same goes for any other languages in their country’s literacy. Speaking correct grammar helps an individual succeed in his or her communication when it comes to professional business. Communicating in professional business varies from job interviews, business presentations, and public speeches held on important venues of events. So, why is learning grammar an important factor for a successful career? Simply put, when speaking in proper grammar particularly in the English business world raises one’s reputation, job advancement, and letter of recommendation. Therefore, as second language learners, grammar provides them the structure needed to organize and put messages and ideas across. Since second language learners will have to work a lot harder than native speakers for job placements, second language learners must require themselves to take conversation classes, read books, watch videos, write a journal, and befriend a native speaker to improve on their grammar skills. Second language learners should motivate themselves to register for conversation classes in an English Academy. In the business world, the English language has been the dominant means of communication internationally. Therefore, learning grammar is very important to avoid confusion when listening and speaking with others in English. A slight change in grammar can be misunderstood negatively. As business professionals, it would not hurt to sharpen his or her English grammar by taking conversation classes. Students who register for an English Academy are not all professional business people. This gives a person a chance to be surrounded by new people to improve on his or her fluency, thus, increasing one’s confidence to speak confidently. Additionally, the teacher running the class is likely a native speaker whom students can benefit from and the conversation topic is always changing to help students use new vocabularies in their speech. Second language learners can increase their grammar skills by reading books, especially reading them loudly. The benefit of reading English books provides knowledge and information about the business industry which helps a business professional stay updated on his or her career. Reading is not only limited to books, but magazines, newspapers, brochures, and so on. The key advantage of reading introduces the reader to many words and gives an idea of many sentences presented in different ways. Second language learners can replicate the sentence in their conversation with others to enhance their speaking skills with good use of grammar. Furthermore, reading loudly helps with expression, pronunciation, intonation, and connotation. Reading can help correct writing mistakes with better use of grammar. Second language learners can benefit their grammar skills by watching videos. Videos can range from movies, sitcoms, comedy, and so on. Watching video programs, especially, video tutorials about learning English helps with visual and audio. When watching a video, the viewer can read visual behavior when the presenter speaks in English. The English conversation taking place in the video allows the audience watching to understand how grammar is being used properly or not. The facial expression also helps how words are correctly said when used in sentences. Professional business people should often visit the YouTube Website and find English channels that can help benefit their grammar skills. Second language learners should continue to improve their writing skills. Unlike reading, writing helps develop grammar skills much more. Therefore, keeping a journal on hand is a way to practice grammar through writing. In the professional business world, people write formal and informal business letters many times. It is crucial to have good grammar skills when writing for advancement, promotion, request, proposals, and many more to have a successful professional career. When writing something important like a memo or keeping a journal, the writer carefully chooses the right words. In other words, the writing becomes more eloquent, concise, and elegant which can transfer and impact an individual’s speaking skills. When writing so long enough, will find its way into his or her verbal communication leaving a better impression on the person whom he or she are communicating with both personally and professionally. Lastly, second language learners should befriend a native speaker. Befriending a native speaker helps sharpens his or her speaking skills through continued practice. When having native speaking friends increases real-world conversation that can benefit in the business world. Native speaking friends teaches authentic and practical use of vocabulary. As a business professional who is not familiar with the English culture has the opportunity to do so from native speakers. Additionally, understanding the different English accent and pronunciation from the Americas or Great Britain helps a lot. Since he or she is a friend, learning the language has become naturally fun. The most important factor when befriending a native speaker forces the conversation to be spoken only in English. In conclusion, learning grammar is important to avoid miscommunication. In the professional business world of English, second language learners will have to work smarter to outperform their native speaker counterparts for job placements, advancements, and promotions. Second language learners must require themselves to take conversation classes, read books, watch videos, write a journal, and befriend a native speaker to improve on their grammar skills to overcome the odds. Learning grammar is important because it helps to understand written or spoken sentences clearly and precisely.