Teach English in YanjiAhe Zhen - Huanggang Shi

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As stated from the beginning lesson in the TESOL course, the relationship between teacher and student is extremely important to how the students will feel in the class and if they are effective in their learning. There is a big difference between a classroom that is under effective and proper management by a teacher and that in which there is little to no management style that is working. Classroom management highly effects a student’s ability to succeed based on the presentation of a conducive learning environment. The idea of classroom management first comes from the importance of a teacher’s appearance and presentation to his or her classroom. It is okay for the teacher to not have a way of extroversion naturally, but there are certain attributes that a teacher should include in his or her body language. Firstly, eye contact is important for a teacher to have with students. It is important to be able to see your students and have them be able to see you in a direct and clear way. If a teacher is able to make eye contact with students, it is more likely that the will be able to catch their attention and help to keep them focused, and so giving a higher possibility that the student will comprehend the lesson. Gestures from the teacher can also highly impact the atmosphere of the classroom to help prompt or guide students. A teacher who simply sits behind their desk and uses their words may not be most effective, however a teacher that encourages their students using their bodies may be more effective. Especially with students learning English as a second language, body language can be important to gesture to students without further confusing them. This could include gestures to keep going if they are on the right direction or to try and change their pattern of thinking if they need to be redirected. A teacher can effectively manage their classroom best if they are willing to engage their students with their body language. Another form of classroom management is how the teacher decides to have the students working as an active body. It is best for students to be able to have a fluid time during their lessons, where they are changing and being actively stimulated rather than simply sitting and listening during the whole lesson. Particularly for students learning a new language, it is very important for them to be able to try out speaking for themselves. A teacher can manage his or her classroom best by using instructional time where students listen and are engaged, as well as time for group work where there can be peer to peer interaction, and finally where there is activation in practicing what they have just learned. These methods of learning may be specific to each teacher and class, but it is important that a teacher facilitates this movement. Finally, it is important for the teacher to manage their class by having a good rapport with the students that they are teaching. If a teacher has a good rapport with his or her students, then they will be able to have a better control of their classroom, setting up an environment where students can learn, grow, ask questions, and have a better grip on their studies. In order for a teacher to set a good rapport, it is suggested to really get to know your student’s names and their differing levels of ability. A teacher who genuinely cares about his or her students will make a bigger difference in motivating students to do their best. If a student respects their teacher, they are more likely to try harder to succeed. Ways a teacher could aim for a good rapport could be getting to class before the students, setting up their desks in a way that is easy to communicate with students, being excited about the topic they are learning, being prepared for the lesson and much more. Management of a classroom by the teacher can very much effect a student’s success rate. Although learning may be thought of as simply the time a student listens to a lesson, there is much more that goes into whether or not a student is in an environment where he or she can learn best and do the most they possibly can. A teacher can produce an environment more geared towards learning through his or her actions, planning, and passion for learning.